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Ok...it's my first time so i need some adivice!

i got my first period yesterday and it's going on right now it's all just blood...i need some advices like what is gonna happen if it happened at school? how do i prevent it from dirtying my clothes? i'm new at this so i need help and why do i feel some pain in my lower stomach?
 jeniffer2200 posted più di un anno fa
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justinfangrrl said:
okay this is TOTALLY natural. it's nothing to fear... the pain te feel is just your monthly cramps. you'll get them around the same time your period comes, it'll hurt. but excersize can ease the pain.

And don't worry about getting your blood druing school... just bring some pads with te in your borsa o bag. If te don't happen to have a pad on te while you're at school, just roll some tissue and put it in your undies.

If te wanna try tampons, I guarantee they don't hurt at all! it just feels kinda weird when te put it in. read the directions and follow through, you'll be fine.

it's okay! I was a little afraid when I first got MY period. you'll be alright!
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posted più di un anno fa 
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