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What defines te as a person?As a woman?

da what defines te as a person,or a woman,I don't mean what label te give yourself,or what other people give you,or even who te are going to vote for(I am too young to vote!),but what te think of yourself,what te believe in,and how te live your life.

I like to think that I am a kind person.I try to do no wrong to anyone,and one of my most prized values is politeness.It does mean I am a perfect person,however.I still dislike people,and I know I am rather vulgar,even if I usually speak well.

I know I am a smart person.I am only in 8th grade,an dI have already taken the SATs and scored 560 on the verbal portion.I used words such as "eruct" and "contradictory" in a normal conversation (contradictory might not sound complicated,but te would be surprised at how many people don't know it).I have read everything da Jane Austen,and I read Gone With The Wind in two months.

For someone so young,I have strong visualizzazioni on the state of the world.Take gay marriage,for instance.I believe that anyone shounld be allowed to marry the person they love,beit a man and a man,or a woman and a woman.Or look at health care,welfare,and Planned Parenthood.I believe that they should be around,to help the people who make bad decisions.But I think welfare could use some changes.But we should fix those problems,not just deny it to people.

I am not a pious person.I am an athesist,and I beleive that there is no life after death.But that is just my belief.If te are religious,then da all means be religious.Just because I don't understand it doesn't mean that te can't.

I was very shy and socially akward,until I met my current friends.Now I am loud,bouistrious,vulgur,and all around happy.I believe that anyone can change with some help.

complessivamente, generale I think I am an intelligent and mature,albite a bit stubborn and at times childish,person.

What do te think of yourself?
 GaHoolianGirl posted più di un anno fa
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