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What age the girl want to sex

 165424 posted più di un anno fa
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Anderson2873 said:
It all depends on her "background".
Dose she hang around guys? 10-15 o none
Dose she want to be left around a lot? yes o no
Dose she text only boys in her free time of texting? no, sometimes, all the time

10-12 At this age she is just trying to understand who she is.
13-15 At this age girls are thinking about guys and having a boyfriend but not thinking about having...

Yes This not mean that they are having problems with boys o anything but just means that sometimes we all need our space
No she is a happy girl and loves to be around people this means she is most likely not thinking o having...

All the Time te may need to ask her who these boys are and if one is her BF

Sometimes&No these boy(s) are just Friends o she really likes him one of the two she may not even think about BFs or... that...
+ If No te have none to worry about

think about it 13-16
want to have it 15-18
are having it 18+

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posted più di un anno fa 
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