Big Bang Which Big Bang Member Would Te Date?

gee-sama posted on Apr 17, 2009 at 12:57AM
*scratches head in thought*.I put up a question and i'm struggling to even answer it but i think i'd go for tae yang.
He's just sooooooo hot and I think he would make such a good boyfriend

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più di un anno fa PixieJJC said…
lol I think I'm wrecking my brain with this question! YB and TOP are HOT as hell. I like tall guys so I would say TOP. BUT... YB's KILLER SMILE is too distracting! He seems like such a sweet guy. TOP is cool and sweet too but there's something about YB that makes me like him more... IDK! He has the X-factor!
più di un anno fa kassibang said…
I'm gonna say jiyong because
1. he has good sense of style
2. his love for big bang is great. "big bang comes before anything,even myself"
3. he's adorable
AND there's too much to list :)
più di un anno fa juhi1 said…
I would say maybe TOP b/c he say that he likes girls that look doesn't matter...
spencervip commented…
hahha più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa iLoveTOP said…
TOP. y? kous he is HOTT & SWEET!!
i think he is my ideal boyfriend! ^^
più di un anno fa channylovee94 said…
i would go out with JIYONG!! (g-dragon)
becuase hes VERY cute!.. yeah!.. i think hes my type of ideal bf ^-^
più di un anno fa iyunako said…

his very handsome!!!!!!!!

killer smile...........
più di un anno fa kay_rox said…
i love his smile.
più di un anno fa _leechae_ said…
Me too..G-dragon!!!!1
più di un anno fa colouredhazel said…
Deff Tae Yang I love him soo much!
più di un anno fa chubbypie said…
Dong Young Bae Because He Is;

2.Amazing singer
5.Hot And SEXY[[Nigga Got A 8 Pack]]=]
6.He Got SWaag, "He Dont Dress GAy Like Sum Other Member IN The GRoup Buh NO-Problem.....

I Stiill Love Big bAng Vip

 Dong Young Bae Because He Is; 1.Cute 2.Amazing singer 3.Rapper 4.Dancer 5.Hot And SEXY[[Nigga
più di un anno fa mimi_chan said…
g dragon for sure
loveeee u gd
più di un anno fa booud said…
for me it's really hard to think of choose. but i have 3 posibles:
they are GD T.O.P an Tae Yang
più di un anno fa tophan said…
i wanna date with my beloved brother jiyong,top,v,dae n yb...hahaha...but jiyong come n him r very look alike....heeee...i mean our must be fun rite
più di un anno fa ShiningSnowStar said…
That's a tuffy D: I might have to say either between Jiyong or TOP....But I wouldn't mind Seungri 'cause he's closer to my age XD
più di un anno fa VIPL0V3 said…
big smile
Dae Sung: he'll always make me smile and laugh. he's always in a good mood. =]
Tae Yang: he's shy which makes him cute ^^ and he could dance and sing for me <3
G-Dragon: he's a leader and would make me smile also. ;)
Seung Ri: he's closer to my age. he can dance*
TOP: he's older and maybe more experienced ? his eyes would make me faint lol. XD

I'd go with anyone of them !
più di un anno fa tohtree said…
i'd love to date with GD cuz his confident smile make me melt down
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più di un anno fa S8rah said…
it would either be top or g dragon because they are both hot
più di un anno fa fafabang said…
top because he look good and hot and ilove to go uot whit him kiss
più di un anno fa rorovipz said…
taeyang big bang
 taeyang big bang
più di un anno fa amber_ko said…
@rorovipz it's t.o.p. but... all i would.. hehe... i love them!!!
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più di un anno fa rorovipz said…
i know
più di un anno fa butter77777 said…
TOP becouse
1.he is so cute i could eat him up.
2.i had his baby last mounth.
3.HE IS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!
più di un anno fa treattari said…
I wouldn't go out with any of them if they were my friends to being with but if I had to choose between them I would go for TOP because he so damn SEXY and CUTE to being with. If we met for the first time and became friends right away then I won't unless one of them asked me first.
più di un anno fa ForeverVip101 said…
TAEYANG:) He's just like the sweetest thing and I think he'd make a great boyfriend ~ I hope he finds the perfect girl one day
più di un anno fa eagle_tamer said…
Oppa, Saranghae! I'd LOVE To Date T.O.P Oppa Someday!
 [i]Oppa, Saranghae! I'd Amore To data T.O.P Oppa Someday![/i]
più di un anno fa Jeliame said…
Taeyang probably or GD. T.O.P is hot and all but not my type in real life.
più di un anno fa spencervip said…
i will choose jiyong.1. he has a good taste of fashion 2 a talent of music 3.humorous
più di un anno fa bigbangmy said…
I would say T.O.P, because he is clearly a private person which is good. Which it kind of put in the sense where the girl will be comfortable and feel save around him.