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la scelta dei fan: All Of The Above !
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la scelta dei fan: Ice Cream Cake
la scelta dei fan: Colin 😃
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BJsRealm detto …
OK. I've recently decided it's about time to actually change this club of mine motto & to finally include Colin morgan to this club. Both Bradley & Colin are my idols & I like them both a lot. Hope te like this new club motto better. Also, it was time to encourage my fan & my Friends to continue posting to my club. o should I say to Bradley & Colin's new fan club instead? Anyway, once again welcome to (my) club! :) 😃😃😃😃 postato ·3 mesi fa
yorkshire_rose commentato…
A lovely idea Mark.I hope your club will continue to go from strength to strength :) ·3 mesi fa
Essence38154 commentato…
This is an amazing club to be apart of. ·2 mesi fa
BJsRealm commentato…
Well thank you, my dear friend. Glad te like it. Thank te so much for all of your contributions to this club of mine. I hope te meant te would like to remain a part of this club, rather than getting apart (from this club). lol un mese fa
BJsRealm detto …
OK. Today is a very special day! It is Bradley's birthday after all & I'm one of his biggest fans.Hello?! BJ's Realm! So, Happy Birthday Bradley James! 😃☺😃 postato ·3 mesi fa
Essence38154 commentato…
Happy belated birthday Bradley :) ·3 mesi fa
BJsRealm detto …
God save King Arthur & may the Goddess save Merlin! postato ·4 mesi fa
Essence38154 commentato…
:) ·3 mesi fa