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I Amore Black Butler - Il maggiordomo diabolico but for the sake of opinion curiosity, what makes Black Butler - Il maggiordomo diabolico so special?

I cant seem to quite put my finger on it, maybe a più knowledgeable person than myself can open my mind ^^

 GuyWhoDiesAlot posted più di un anno fa
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Lokinne said:
I think it's a mix between the plot, the art and the setting. And of course, because of its characters, which are round, well-written and charismatic (ones più than others). Some people like it for the plot because it's a mature and dark one even if it's listed as a shonen series. Others would see it just for the yaoi, but get over it, even if Black Butler - Il maggiordomo diabolico has a lot of shippeable pairings, Yaoi is not its axis. Others would see the series because of its setting because Victorian Era was an important one and is not so common to find works based on it.
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posted più di un anno fa 
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