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 Something on your Mind B?
Something on your Mind B?
Episode 8: Just Missing

GG: ciao Upper East Siders, So things have been a little quiet here over the last few weeks, and Gossip Girl is not happy, What happened to scandal? I can't believe I'm saying this but it looks like Gossip Girl is...Bored!

In Class at Constance.
The teacher is giving a leacture.
Blair is sitting da Serena and is looking bored and is not paying attention, because her mind is on other things. (Chuck)

T: (Teacher) And so If te all open your text libri to page 19, Which will focus on our creative Scrivere techniques. So your work for this course will be to write a paper titled "upstaged", what the paper includes is up to te but it must be creative. Right now so...(Sees Blair isn't listening) Miss Waldorf?
B: (Ignores her)
T: Blair Waldorf! (raises her voice) Miss Waldorf!
B: Oh sorry
T: Something on your mind Miss Waldorf
B: (still not looking up from the table) No
T: Miss Waldorf?
B: I'm fine, (looks up)
T: So I would like this paper to be in da Friday, No exeptions and we might just hear a few out loud

(Bell Rings)

Serena and Blair pack their libri and exit the class.

S: B? What's wrong?
B: Nothing
S: B?
B: Nothing, Honestly Serena I'm fine, Sure I have no idea where my boy... (remembers they are not together)... Where...(stops to think) Where Chuck is? But..He'll turn up soon right?
S: Sure he will, Don't worry this is what Chuck does, He'll be back soon B
B: Your sure, If he calls you'll let me know wont you?
S: Ofcourse I will
B: Sorry if I'm being a little tense but I just need to know that he's okay, then I'll relax
S: Well if we hear from him, I'll let te know but don't get your hopes up, I don't think we're going to be his first port of call
B: (anxious) I just worry about him, He's just Lost his father, He's not in his right mind and God knows what he might do
S: Hey, Blair it'll okay

Serena hugs Blair.

S: Okay?
B: Yeah, Your right I need to relax how about a girly night tonight me and you? I just really need to have some fun
S: See, there's my B, Sure we'll go out just like old times
B: (smiles) That sounds great S

They both smile and exit the classroom.

(In Brooklyn, At the Humphrey Gallery)

Vanessa and Dan are in the cafe talking.

V: So what's happening with te and Serena?
D: Oh I don't know, I don't seem to see her much these days, She's busy with Blair
V: (anger) Oh Blair...
D: Yeah, I know she's her best friend, But It's like there is no us anymore
V: Well why don't te tell her, to spend less time babysitting Blair and più time on your relashionship
D: (pause)
V: It's about time Blair Waldorf learn't she can't just stamp on other people, I mean look how many times has she stomped on Serena and Serena always forgives her
D: That's what Friends do, and why do te suddenly hate Blair Waldorf?
V: I just...I hate what she is,
D: (looks confused) Okay...But I can't be that hard, Serena says she's going through a lot with this Chuck thing...
V: (looks pleased) Oh Chuck...
D: What?
V: Nothing, But she doesn't know where he is?
D: No, and she'd do anything to find out
V: Maybe I could help... (looks amused)

GG: Lastest on Chuck Bass. Missing in action. He's gone AWOL. And no one seems to know where he is? But this is New York, Someone must know something...

(At the Waldorf Apartment)

Eleanor is downstairs with her design team and they are going through some outfits.
Blair is in her room deciding what to wear for her and Serena's night out.

E: I don't know, Should the pumps go with the trench o not, but I definatly want that strapless mini in the show

(One of Eleanor's assistants is called Greg)

G: Eleanor, which one the blue o the maroon?
E: Ohhh, Ughh (Shouts to Blair) BLAIR!! Come down here a minute

Blair walks down the stairs.

B: Yes mother
E: She'll do wont she
G: Yes, She's the same build, hair colour as the model, So...
B: What?
E: I need te to try these both on, so we can see which colour best Suits the model
B: I'm just on my way out
E: Oh this will only take 10 minutes
B: Is this...
E: Oh come on Blair just do me this one favour
B: (annoyed) Fine

Blair takes both dresses upstairs and puts the blue one on, then walks back downstairs.

E: Ohhh no, that's a bad colour for her, What do te think Greg?
G: Oh yeah totally wrong for her skin tone
E: Okay, successivo one Blair

Blair looks tired and goes back upstairs and changes into the maroon dress, then walks back downstairs.

E: Ohh this one's perfect, That's great
G: Yah, te look lovely sweetie, Doesn't she Eleanor
E: Yes, She does...

Blair smiles thinking her mother will give her a compliment.

E: Very nice

Blair looks disapointed with the commento her mother has just said.

E: Okay te can go get changed now

Blair walks back up the stairs and gets changed from the dress and puts it on the bed.

(Half an ora later)

Blair is sitting at her dressing tavolo applying her make-up.
Eleanor enters.

E: Have te still got that dress Blair?
B: It's on the bed

Eleanor walks over to the letto and picks up the dress and looks at Blair putting her make-up on, then kneels down behind her.

B: What?
E: I am proud of you, te know Blair
B: (looks shocked)
E: I know I never tell te this Blair, But I should and I know what you've been through with this Chuck business, and I've just taken the break up with Cyrus badly and Ross and... (Blair feels guilty about Ross)...But te really are beautiful and intelligent, and I just wanted te to know, that I'm proud of you
B: (smiles) Mom...And I'm sorry about Cyrus and Ross and everything I said
E: Well te are your mothers daughter, and I wouldn't expect anything else

Eleanor kisses Blair on the cheek.

E: Have a good night sweetie
B: Thanks Mom

Eleanor exits.
Blair looks happy, then stands up and exits.

(The successivo morning at the furgone, van der Woodsen Apartment)

Serena and Dan are in the living room making out.
Blair enters in a accappatoio, vestaglia and looks very tired and hung over.

B: (picks up a cup of coffee) Oh excuse me while I vomit (Dan and Serena stop kissing)
D: (sarcastically) Don't let us stop you
B: Ha Ha
D: So how was your night? Have fun?
B: Great,
B: Ughh.
S: ...And I'm sorry, I know lately I've been busy, and I haven't taken much care of our relashionship...
D: Don't worry about it, we're good (They baciare again)
B: (Goes to sit on the divano oppersite them) Well that's lovely, But why are te here?
S: Well B he is my boyfriend
D: Oh and speaking of...Where's yours Blair?
B: (gives him an evil stare)
S: (mumbles) Dan! Don't go there?
B: (gets up) Well if you'll excuse me, Not really liking the company

Blair gets up and goes back upstairs.

S: Dan! Why did te say that?
D: What?
S: About Chuck
D: She started it
S: Oh don't start that again, te two really need to make an effort to get along
D: Ohh Vanessa was right?
S: About what?
D: About Blair, She's not a nice person, that's it
S: ciao te can't say that, she's my best friend
D: And Vanessa's mine, and Blair says enough bad things about her, No wonder Chuck's gone
S: (looks annoyed) stop it
D: Fine, I'll go, (Dan walks to the door) I was going to tell her something Vanessa knew about Chuck, But te know I don't think I'll bother...
S: What? What does she know?
D: I'll call te later (Dan exits)
S: Dan!

(In Serena's room)

Blair is in letto holding her coffee but has fallen asleep.
Serena enters.

S: B! Blair! (Serena shakes Blair to wake her up)
B: What? Oh can't I sleep
S: No! I think someone knows something about Chuck...
B: (still tired) Chuck?! What?
S: Dan just detto something
B: (starts to wake up) What? Who knows?
S: Dan detto Vanessa might know...
B: Vanessa? What did he say?
S: Nothing much...Shall I call him back
B: No, No, I'll go there
S: Okay, Get dressed and we'll go
B: Okay, Give me 5 minutes

Blair gets up and starts to get dressed.
Serena exits.

(An ora later at the Humphrey House in Brooklyn)

Blair and Serena ring the door campana, bell of the Humphrey house.
Dan answers, but is about to close the door when he sees Blair.

B: Dan? (Stops the door) Please?
S: Dan, Please he's been gone for a month, We need to find him...

Dan opens the door and Blair and Serena enter.

GG: B turning to D for help, Things must be bad, and without a word from C for a month, We're starting to worry about our fave bad boy, Will Chuck ever return to the Upper East Side? o is he starting over, somewhere new, Remember Chuck, Only New York has Me, te know te miss me Chuck. xoxo Gossip Girl.

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