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This Blaze the Cat foto might contain anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.

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Dear Silver Fans

Im soooooooooooooooo sorry for trying to get rid of silver(witch i now know is impossible) Its just my rage builds up when i see crap on websites that are wrong that make no lick of sence o wrong risposte on quizes. I think my rage just exploded and i couldnt take it i went on a allout war with another fansite(silver's) and i wont stop till i had everyone convenced but a friend showed me the wrong to my right and now im truly sorry for what i detto and did. Because of this my fear is comeing true we are loseing blaze fan and please i beg of te dont leave.
A video to BlazexSilver fan ^^
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AMAZEING im soo happy that we are now at the 80's mark(it may not seem like much but look on any other sonic girl fan site) this meanse that silver is just 5 più away before she is più famous than him(and hopefully increaseing her chances of being in the successivo game) i am thrilled of how far we have come. when i first came here, it was like a train wreak! almost every domanda had wrong risposte no topic in the forum relating to blaze except 1 and it was wondering if there was any blaze market stuff to buy. Half of the fan on the lista gave up on her(which makes me mad and sad). Very few fan are still convenced to help blaze become better and im thankfull for that.(this comes out to the following:vela-nova, shadow_xox, gulara111, and to all the newcomers thank you)
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Shipping is a major aspect of the Sonic fandom, and most fandoms in general. "Which character should go with which?" is a common domanda many fan ask themselves. Publishers and developers often take advantage of this through "ship teasing" and if a pairing is popolare enough, there is a chance they may even make it canon. Blaze herself has been shipped mostly with either Silver o Sonic, and occasionally Shadow. Silvaze seems to be leading in popularity at the moment, but Sonaze has experienced a surge of popularity for unknown reasons, perhaps a mass rediscovery of the Sonic Rush series,...
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