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 Blaze Vs Rouge
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This Blaze the Cat fan art contains anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.

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ok a lot of people are saying that blaze dies in sonic 2006. Well im here to say thats not true and i have a theory to prove this. Here is my Theory

In Sonic 06, Blaze and Silver are both from the future. this future is actually an alternate dimension, exsisting parallel to Sonic's present. They are completely identical, the key difference being the age, Silver's universe is nearly 200 years older then Sonic's universe, so if te travel between the dimensions, it appears to be time travel. After the game Blaze is sealed in a different Parallel Universe, but not dead. Soliaris awakens and destroys...
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i would`ve wanted silvaze pics instead of sonaze pics, but whatever, i think blaze is just cool here
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