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If you are interested in joining this forum, then this is the best time todo that as we are "starting over" with a time skip!

This is the forum for the rp that was started by LOBOS, myself, and a few others. Please follow the posting rules.

1) This forum is only for rp post. Do not post random questions about joining, I will explain that process later.

2) Do not post characters or blade ideas in this forum.

3) If you want to join, please post your character in the forum called Make a Zanpaktou. Then put a small post up here saying that you would like to join and that your character is on whatever page in the Make a Zanpaktou forum. (Example: Hi, I would like to join your rp, my character is on page 94 on Make a Zanpaktou.)

Here is the current order to post:

Might come back later:

This is a quick summary of what has happened before we moved to this forum:

Seems as though soul society has become far more embattled. Though the arrancar have chosen to stay out of the limelight much of the time, hollows are being sent out at a gradually increasing rate, and the captains are taking notice. Moreover, there's been some movement by other forces. Scouts have reported visuals of an army of ex-soul reapers that is disrupting much of the control of soul society over various sectors of the human world. Though they attack the hollows as well, this does not bode well for soul society. In response, soul society has decided to search for outside help in dealing with the surge of problems, and has become far more liberal about sending its captains out to deal with problems.

- Crow meets with Isao to talk about how a certain arrancar, Rey, wanting him and his crew Ace of X to attack a couple of supply shipments in Soul Society, which he did. But Crow says that later Rey returned and asked him to do something that he couldn't do. With Rey not appreciating the refusal, he destroyed Crows base. Crow gives Isao a card and Isao threatens Crow as he leaves.

- As Crow leaves, he notices a strong energy heading towards Squad 1's barracks. Isao thinks about all the crazy things that have happened and remembers his former student Miroku and the hard times he went through ten years ago. Miroku appears in his window and asks what Crow was discussing with him. Isao explains and ask if Miroku will help. Miroku says that this is a serious problem and offers help but Isao doesn't expect much.

- Isao calls for a captains meeting and explains what happened with Crow and Miroku. The captains all seem concerned with what has transpired and Isao says he may know where Crow is at. Zane (captain of Squad 2) and Jin (captain of Squad 11) agree to go find him. In a forest away from soul society, three outsiders; Titus, Chiyo and Hideaki look for Miroku.

- Lieutinant Dawn informs her Captain, Amiro, about what has happen in Soul Society.

- In the real world, a quincy named Joshua kills a soul reaper. In Hueco Mundo, Rey is furious about Crow not doing what he said. Huabu trys to talk to Rey but is quickly sent on a mission to the real world. Reaper appears but Rey does not want to alk to him.

- Captain of Squad 8, Ryuu finally gets back from his mission. His Lieutinant Kimi finds him and talks about what has happened with Crow and Miroku. They later get some ice cream.

- Jin and Zane are about to go to the real world to find Crow. Jin tells Zane about how he plans to change the old image of Squad 11 that Kenpachi had created.

- Crow finally gets back to his hideout in the real world which is an arcade. We are introduced to a few members; Toni, Leigh-Ann, Leo, Roy and Saito. After some conversation, Crow reveals that some soul reapers are outside. Zane and Jin meet Crow.

- Coran, a member of the Rising Suns, is in the shadows watching the meeting between Soul Society and Ace of X. Miroku arrives at his hideout and is greeted by Asoka. After some conversation, Miroku finds Hideaki and his friends and asks what they want.

- Hideaki explains to Miroku that him and his two friends will join his cause as long as he agrees to help them on a very important mission in Hueco Mundo. In Soul Society, Isao finally gets sleep but he is having bad dreams about his past. In the real world, Haubu is searching for Joshua.

- Amiro goes into Squad 1's barracks and tells him that he knows what happened with Crow because he was sneaking around, he asks if Isao will take him the next time he meets Crow. Isao says okay.

- In the real world, Joshua and Haubu meet and start fighting. In Soul Society, a soul reaper named Akihiko demands that he be given a captain seat. Satoshi trys to get him to calm down and does. Akihiko leaves and Isao realizes that he has a point as they are in need of captains.

- Reaper, an arrancar, is bored and goes to the real world looking for a fight. Captain Yokoshimo is in the real world fighting hollows and meets Reaper, they prepare for battle.

- Captain Ryuu and Kimi head to the real world to deal with some arrancar, he receives a picture of the arrancar and notices something wierd about one of them.

- Crow is not happy about how Soul Society found his hideout and the other members seem concerned as well. As Haubu and Joshua fight, Haubu notices Crows energy and goes to the arcade to confront him. Haubu confronts Crow and puts her sword in his face ready to fight. A man named Thor grabs her and slams her through a wall. Haubu quickly kills Thor and this send Crow over the edge.

- Miroku accepts Hideaki and his friends into the Rising Suns. Hideaki and Asoka talk as they reach the hideout and they meet Coran. Coran tells them what has happened with the meeting between Soul Society and Crow, and that an arrancar has started some trouble with Crow. Miroku seems to not care and tells everyone to get some rest because they will be going to Hueco Mundo tomorrow. Two people walk out of a room in the hideout and Miroku tells them that he won't need them for the mission to Hueco Mundo and says to stay undercover in Soul Society.

- In the real world, Haubu releases and Crow goes shikai. Haubu's unusual abilities seem to be throwing Crow off. Haubu explains how only attacks that have balance can work against her. Crow shoots a charged blast which does nerve damage causing Haubu to stagger around. Crow goes Bankai. At the Rising Suns' base, Asoka opens the garganta; Miroku, Hideaki, Titus, Chiyo and Asoka walk in heading to Heuco Mundo. Coran stays behind at the hideout.

- In Hueco Mundo, Rey notices 5 strong presences. Joshua joins in on the fight between Crow and Haubu. Joshua seems to be firing at both Crow and Haubu, Crow continues to fight Haubu shooting down her Balas with his lightning bolts. Crow pulls out his other gun which has been charging for a full minute and fires at Joshua, which goes through his shoulder. Joshua kicks Crows guns away, slashes him on his thigh and kicks him away. Crow mocks Joshua about his bad aim and Joshua responds by saying "Who ever said I was aiming at you". Joshua then stabs his Seele Schneiders into the wall at his waist as he eyes the other 4 he shot. At the same time Crow and Haubu notice that the 5 are equidistant apart making a pentagon, Blue lights go between the Seele Schneiders and outline the pentagon. Haubu then looks down and smiles as she’s standing in the middle of the design. Joshua then opens one of his silver tubes and dumps the liquid onto his Seele Schneider which causes a huge explosion encompassing the area within the outlined pentagon.

- Ryuu and his Squad arrive in the real world ready to fight the arrancar that have shown up. Things go well until Ryuu is cut down by an arrancar named Majiyo. As Ryuu falls he calls for Kimi. Majiyo Suffers a flashback of herself and four other children running through the district 54 being chased by a man they had taken food from. Then she orders a full retreat and they return to Hueco Mundo. Kimi defeats the arrancar she is battling and catches Ryuu. She looks on as the arrancar that took down the captain widens her eyes and seems to have an internal battle with herself. The arrancar then orders a retreat and Kimi can only look on. Two days later in Squad 4's barracks, Kimi talks to Ryuu as he finally wakes up. They discuss what happened in the real world and both agree to find a way to clease Majiyo's soul.

I don't feel like updating this so if you want to know everything that has happened after this, then start at page one and read! I hope you enjoy!
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