As some of your already know, the recently engaged Jessica Simpson was publicy criticized a few months fa for looking fat, o overweight at a performance.Pictures of Jessica wearing a black tanktop tucked into jeans with a leopard-print belt,gold bangles, and stilletos circulated both online and in the tabloids. With headlines like
"JESSICA SIMPSON FAT","JESSICA SIMPSON: FAT OR- HEALTHY", and "JESSICA SIMPSON IS FAT, ERGO- PREGNANT", it seems that many people wanted to express their opinions about the singer's weight. Suprisingly, one of the negative opinions came from a girl's dressup site., a website for kid's of all ages, apparently has a Jessica Simpson look-alike outfit in their game "Plus-Size Style". Though the media and several other people believe that Jessica Simpson is fat, I for one believe that she isn't. And that a site that thousands of young girls visit everyday should not label someone who dosen't fit into the super-skinny mold as plus-size. We should all be proud of bodies because we are all different, and should know not to make fun of other people for zappa they look.