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This Britney Spears wallpaper might contain pelle, skintone, colore della pelle, la nudità parziale, nudità implicita, nudo colorato, and parziale nudità.

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...Baby One più Time is the first debut album da American pop singer (and our all time favorite) Britney Spears. The album was released on January 12, 1999 da Jive Records and became a worldwide commercial success, reaching the superiore, in alto five in nineteen countries, and number one in fifteen, including the U.S Billboard 200. The album and its singles helped propel Spears into mainstream popularity.

With the release of the lead single "...Baby One più Time", Britney became a pop phenomenon; the single peaked at number one in the Billboard Hot 100. Which made her a real pop phenomenon.

The album's lyrics,...
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