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Im working on a picspam and I need to know which episodes some specific scenes are in... can te guys help me?

1) The episode when brooke beats up the bad guy that took sam hostage, and beat brooke up in the clothes over bros store. and any other episodes where brooke has action scenes.. etc.

2) The episodes where brooke is naked in the back of lucases car and the one where she does the same thing in the back of owens car.

3)The episodes where brooke is drunk at a party such as the one where she makes fun of haleys note in season 1, the one where her and nicky ruin haleys party and any other times she acted like a drunk party girl.

4)A few episodes were she is in her cheerleading uniform.

5)The episode where she is with the purple monkey... (I think there is two of these).

6)The episode where she is in the suburban filth yellow pajamas and is trying to get lucas to want to sleep with her. This scene is in her and haleys apartment and lucas is sitting on the couch.

7)Episodes with good screencaps of her being motherly to sam o angie.

8)Episodes that have good screenshots of her old house with the red door.

9)The episode where she is standing outside of karens cafe looking in on lucas and peyton (season 1 i think)

10)Episodes that mostra her fashionista side (ones that have to do with clothes over bros)

- and lastley ... I not sure if there are any but any scenes where she talks about bravery!(any Citazioni from these would be wonderful)

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CrazyFruittt said:
I don't know if te still need this but here it is,some of them:

1) 6x13 where she beats up that guy...you have 3x22 brooke and peyton figh,also 4x15 brooke and peyton fight.
2) 1x03 lucas and 5x08 owen
3) 1x07,1x20
4) 3x05,3x12,4x09,1x17
5) 5x18 also 5x14 (it has few scenes)
6) 3x03
7) Angie 5x14 ending,5x15-5x18,Sam - 6x13,6x22,6x21
8) ...
9) 1x11
10) 3x09,6x01,most of the season 6...:D and some season 7 like 7x15

hope I helped...
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