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 "24kmagic" wallpaper
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24k magic
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This Bruno Mars wallpaper contains fedora, cappello di feltro, homburg, stetson, stetson trilby, paglietta, livorno, panama, cappello panama, marinaio, skimmer, il cappello di paglia, and cappello di paglia. There might also be porkpie, cappello porkpie, porkpie hat, cappello midollo, casco coloniale, casco di sole, topee, topi, cappello elmo pith, sole casco, topi del tappo, cappello cavalier, cappello floscio, and cavalier cappello.

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If te ever leave me, baby,
Leave some morphine at my door
'Cause it would take a whole lot of medication
To realize what we used to have,
We don't have it anymore.

There's no religion that could save me
No matter how long my leaves are on the floor
So keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm makin'
Will keep te da my side
Will keep te from walkin' out the door.

Cause there'll be no più sunlight
if I lose you, baby
There'll be no clear skies
if I lose you, baby
Just let the clouds, I
I will do the same if te walk away
Everyday, it will rain

I'll never be your mother's favorite
Your daddy can't even look me in...
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