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 Angry Vampire Spike
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Source: Art da Ellin, rendered from immagini belonging to 20th Century volpe
An oil painting of Spike in Vampire Face - da Ellin
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♥♥So since tomorrow's Valentine's I thought why no not post it today? I just wanted to say Happy Valentines giorno Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans! Here in this articolo te will read the 5 best Valentines giorno episodes to watch of ‘Buffy’ put together da me:♥♥

#1 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered- the beginning of this episode actual takes place on Valentines Day, and it is the perfect episode to watch for any ‘Buffy’ fan on Valentines Day!

#2 I Was Made to Amore You- this episode I feel it was all about Buffy feeling like she needed to find someone, a normal someone. This episode,...
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When I heard the rumours of a Buffy movie I, like most fans, got caught up in all the excitement. Even though it's not happening as far as we know. But I actually think a new video game would be a far better idea.

Firstly, a movie if not done right has so many chances to go wrong and ruin people's memories of Buffy, but I don't see that danger in a game. If something te hate happens in a movie it's cannon, but video games aren't. So they go with a plot te dislike? not a problem it never happened.

Also, they can set it whenever they want. Your favourite character was killed off before the end?...
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