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This Castiel icona contains completo, vestito di affari, vestito, vestito di abiti, and vestito dei vestiti. There might also be a tre pezzi, abito tre pezzi, due pezzi, vestito salotto, lounge tuta, giudice avvocato, and avvocato.

Dean Winchester
season 4
Musica video
posted by HaleyDewit
Erin sat up and looked around confused. How did she get here? The door opened and Evan came back with a doctor.
“Good afternoon, miss Gregor” the doctor greeted as he walked to the bed. “How are te feeling?”
Erin looked puzzled at Evan. “What happened?” she asked hoarse, as if she hadn’t used her voice in years.”Who are you?...Who am I?” She fired each question, giving Evan no time to answer them. He took her hand and sat on the bed.
“What’s the last thing te remember?” he asked caring. Erin looked down, searching her mind for any kind of memory. But then she shook...
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Zoey knocked the door of the motel room. She had seen Dean leave a minuto ago. He probably went to the blonde girl she just shot.
“Cas? Can te open the door?” she asked sweet.
Cas rotated his head and looked at the door.
“Please, Cas? I just want to talk” Zoey detto slow.
Cas looked at the letto successivo to him, but Meg had fallen asleep. Lucky her, Cas thought.
“Cas, I have Dean and I have a gun. Open the door now”
Cas’ eyes widened in fear and he slowly came out of bed.
“I’m…I’m coming” he stammered. “Don’t kill him” He held his stomach, his injuries were still not completely...
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“That wasn’t very nice, was it?”
Meg looked up. There was a man standing outside her cell and he had a big smile on his face. He examined the ceiling.
“Who are you?” Meg demanded to know.
The man, who spoke with a British accent, raised one eyebrow. “Let me give te a little hint. I saved the two of te from Hell”
“Oh, you’re an angel” Meg detto dry.
“You’re welcome” the Angel said.
“Are te going to kill me?” Meg wanted to know.
“Are te here to mock me?” Meg asked a little annoyed.
“No” the Angel said, seeming to enjoy the situation. “Why don’t...
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Zoey was sitting at the cucina tavolo in Daphne’s house. After her appointment with the dentist Zoey had decided to have a coffee chat with her sister.
“How are te doing?” she asked casual.
“I’m doing fine, Z” Daphne answered.
“Are te still taking your medication?” Zoey asked insisting. Daphne frowned, annoyed. “For goodness sake, Daphne, it’s for te own good and ours. The doctor didn’t prescribe te these pills for nothing”
Daphne stood up angry. “I know what they are for” she snapped. She sighed. “I feel good, Zoey. Emmanuel is really good company. He makes...
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