Since she is gone I feel a bit alone =(
It's been a while since I wrote an articolo like this, but well....there are some things I wanna say:

First of all I wanna thank all the people who joined our club, its amazing that te like the club

Secondly I will try to make the club popolare again, means find new people who will make contests, articles, put video and foto and pop quiz's in our club

Third I wanna say a few things about Dirty_Angel (The other club maker) she wasnt online for a very long time so I dont know what she is doing o if she is alive.
I guess that for the time while she is gone I will have to take care of the club alone

It will be much work but I will try my best

I think that are all the news

Oh Btw if te o someone te know has some talent for making banner o icons, he/she should send me a massage because it would be lovely to see other peoples spot looks in our club

That would be everything for this time
Amore ya
xox Nena

But I hope she will come soon back and then she will help me again
Till then I will try to find someone who will help me with the club hehe
Oh and I will try my best to make the club popolare again