Cheryl Cole Is Cheryl Cole Dead?!?!

AnneSmith posted on Jul 09, 2010 at 08:33PM
One of my friends told me that Cheryl Cole is dead from Malaria!? This can't possibly be true can it, is there anything online?! :(

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più di un anno fa ChloeAnn_xx said…
Nope she is 100% NOT dead!! Infact, she's far from it, she's getting better!! (:
più di un anno fa XxchezzafanxX said…
no shes not dead, thank god, she is recovering, and making good progress <3 xx

heyy chloe :) its sophie btw ;) x
più di un anno fa NMFan01 said…
This is a really random question!
Of course she isn't!
LOVE her loads! xx :) <3