random Picture~~!
1st articolo on this spot~! Hope te Enjoy~!


I Amore her. She is so cute. && My preferito character from PatF~!

carlotta, charlotte

9.Jane (Tarzan)

I Amore her looks~! I think her eyes are very pretty && I Amore her hair color~!


8. Pocahontas

She is so beautiful~! An amazing figure && a stunning face~!



I Amore her face~! && her hips are very big but I have big hips too && I Amore that on her~!


6. Wendy

She is so so so pretty to me~! I like her hair && face. She is also one of my preferito characters EVER~!


5. Rapunzel

My preferito Princess~!!!!!!

I Amore her. But I also think she is beautiful~! && I know a lot of people disagree but I Amore her eyes,hair(blonde && brown), figure, face. Just everything~!


4. Odette

Her hair is very pretty. && her face is lovely. IMO she seems very elegant.


3. Anastasia

I just got this movie && I Amore her. && she is very beautiful~! Her hair is a wonderful shade. && her eyes are lovely. She is so beautiful~!


2. Ariel

I could not decide if I should put her as #1 o #2~! But I Amore her hair~! && her eyes are amazing~!


1. Belle

Not so new to the #1 spot. She is beautiful inside && out~! From head to toe~!


random Picture~~!