Jane Porter - Tarzan - 1999

In the late 1880s off the coast of Africa, a young couple and their infant son escape a burning ship and land on the unexplored rainforests of Africa, where they built themselves a treehouse in which to live there in order to survive. Meanwhile, a gorilla couple named Kala and Kerchak are traveling with the rest of their group when their infant son is killed da a leopard. The successivo day, the cuore broken Kala hears a distant cry and follows it, stumbles upon the treehouse. She enters the treehouse to find it trashed and blood paw prints everywhere on the floor. Kala rescues the baby and return to the group, Kerchak despise him because for his appearance. Nevertheless, Kala decides to raise the child da herself naming him Tarzan.

Jane Porter - She is the Amore interest of Tarzan and eventual wife. Jane is traveling with her father and their guide Clayton, to Africa, where they intend to study about gorillas. As along the way she sees a baby babbuino and try's to draw it. But the baby babbuino takes it from her, eventually she got it back and before they could got it again Tarzan swing in to get her. After meeting, Tarzan is fascinated da Jane and teaches her about the gorillas and she teach him how to speak english and the human culture, also about the human world. Meanwhile he falls in Amore with her. Soon, a ship arrives to her back to London. Eventually she stays with Tarzan and Tarzan will become the king and Jane will become Queen of the jungle.

The End!!