So, inspired da audreybrooke's articolo about which House would be più suitable for each Disney Princess (you can find the articolo in the DP spot), I decided to do the same for other heroines!

Oh and sorry for not putting Harry Potter related pictures to all the heroines, I was just too bored to modifica them o even add a proper background that reminds us of a particular House (yellow for Hufflepuff for example, o red and oro for Gryffindor).


She's definitely a Gryffindor! Esmeralda is very fiery, passionate, brave, to the point of being reckless, and a fighter. She's not afraid of speaking her mind and she is willing to get into trouble in order to defend her friends. She can act without thinking of the consequences (like for example in the Festival of Fools where she stood to Frollo and she actually dared to mock him in front of all these people). She also appears very confident, playful and kinda cocky, especially during her dance in the Festival of Fools.
Now that I think about it, even her hair kinda looks like a lion's mane and the dress she wears when she performs has the colori of Gryffindor, so...what other proof do we need?

Jane Porter

It's not hard to see why she's a Ravenclaw. Jane is very smart and practical. She's curious and she loves learning new things, she even went to the jungle to satisfy her desire for knowledge and we all know that this is the most important trait of the Ravenclaws. She's also a fast learner, she seemed to adapt quite easily in the jungle. Furthermore, she's creative (she's supposed to be an artist after all!) and she appears kinda eccentric too, I mean, it can't be that common for a woman of her times to go with her father in the jungle to study the gorillas!


Megara was very hard for me, because she acts differently at the beginning of the movie, where's she hurt and disappointed in humanity in general and at the end, where she has faith in Amore again and she's not the villain of the story. Generally she's a quite complex character, but at the end I decided to put her in Slytherin, but not because she was kind of a villain for the most part of the movie.

To begin with, Megara is definitely cunning. She managed to trick Hercules and seduce him to get what she (or actually Hades) wants. She also has an "I'm better than all of you" attitude and that doesn't necessarily means that she's mean o even arrogant, she just acts that way around people she doesn't know o doesn't like. In addition, she can be cold and indifferent to strangers and she's very realistic.
Another trait that she shares with the Slytherins is the dedication and loyalty to people she loves. She sacrificed her freedom for her ex boyfriend and even her life for Hercules.


Anastasia is very outspoken, bold, sassy and brutally honest. She doesn't hesitate to fight to get what she wants (she is one of the few heroines who actually beat the villain of the story on their own) and generally she has a very tomboyish attitude which may not be found to every Gryffindor, but it reminds me of that House a lot.

Also, it is mentioned in the movie that when she lived as a princess in the palace, she was notorious for being mischievous, which is very common for the lions of Hogwarts.


marina is definitely very elegant and regal. Another trait that makes her a fitting Slytherin is her determination. She was willing to even leave with Sinbad to make sure that he won't run away and that he'll come back to save Proteus. A common characteristic for the Slytherins is the fact that they are willing to do anything to achieve their goals and marina does exactly that. She tries to talk to Sinbad, to make him feel guilty and when that doesn't work, she bribes him with money. She also uses her intelligence and her charm to manipulate the other pirates and get them on her side.

In addition, marina has a strong sense of duty and it is well known that all Slytherins share that trait. She wanted so badly to leave a life full of adventures, but she didn't want to leave her responsibilities behind and she stayed with her family (I guess she considered Proteus her family) for many years before she finally decided to leave.


If there's one thing that Slytherin values, that's cunningness and Chel surely has that trait. She's very sly, manipulative and she wants to achieve her goal da any means, she even tries to steal a valuable treasure (I'm not sure how that was going to help her run away, but she seemed to have a plan in her mind). She uses her smartness and her sexuality to persuade the two Heroes to cooperate with her and at the end she succeeds.

Chel is also resourceful, realistic and while at the beginning she sees Miguel and Tulio only as her partners in crime, at the end she ends up caring about them, which is a common attitude of Slytherins, cold at first, but if te gain their trust and respect, they'll be loyal to te forever.


I believe she would make a very good Hufflepuff, even though she has some Gryffindor traits as well.

Miriam is a very compassionate and kind person, that's for sure. She's also hopeful, optimistic and patient, since she never stopped believing that Moses would come and save them all. She is very loyal at her two brothers and she was the first one (after Tzipporah) who supported Moses when all the other Jews, even Aaron were against him.


Tzipporah is definitely stubborn and outspoken. She isn't going to back down from a fight, even if the Prince of Egypt is the one who commands her. The way she acted towards Moses and Ramses at the beginning of the film also shows her boldness and courage.

Furthermore, when we get to know her better, we realize she's much più than a fierce and proud girl. She's playful, she really loves her family and she ends up being a very loyal and supportive wife to Moses, which is a definite characteristic of Gryffindors.

So that's all for now. Hope te enjoyed my article! If te disagree with any of my choices, feel free to tell me the reasons why in the comments. Besides, it's not necessary that only one opinion is correct, many characters at Harry Potter could be easily sorted to another House (for example Pettigrew definitely didn't belong to Gryffindor) so even the Sorting Hat makes mistakes. :)