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This Le eroine dei cartoni animate della nostra infanzia foto contains anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.

the cigno princess
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My lista can change drastically but there are some things that never change. Some characters who are considered gorgeous are not on it, that's why it's my personal list. This is only based on looks but I have to Amore the way she looks, it's not necessarily who I think looks 'perfect'. Besides, I think flaws usually add up to someone's beauty. Doing the sexiest animated heroines articolo made me take a secondo look at other characters and I must say I've overlooked some characters' appearances.

 10. Arista (Ariel's Beginning)
10. Arista (Ariel's Beginning)

I think Arista is the prettiest out of King Triton's daughters, she...
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Ok, I felt the need to update my list, because I wrote my last articolo on the topic about a anno ago. So enjoy my current lista :)

20. SNOW WHITE (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) /previous position: 15/

For the last couple of mese I grew to Amore Snow White. She's so adorable and cute. I Amore her always positive attitude. And she's also so sweet! It's a bit of a problem for me that she's quite naive, but still this doesn't bother me that much! She's a perfect, little princess!

19. TIANA (The Princess and the Frog) /previous position: 14/

Tiana is a character that I firmly believe need...
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 If only he were female... Wait, what? No, that'd be weird. I never detto that! >:I
If only he were female... Wait, what? No, that'd be weird. I never said that! >:I
Now this was a bloody hard decision, but I finally got off my arse and kicked and screamed until these lot finally fell into some sort of order.
Just because a heroine isn't on this lista doesn't mean I don't Amore her. I mean, heck, I am restricting myself to 10! This lista will be incredibly biased, bitchy and piss-taking. But te guys enjoy that, so don't be hypocritical and moan...
Jesus fucking Christ, this advert is pissing me off. GO AWAY. NO, I WON'T PLAY POKER WITH YOU. STOP BECKONING SUGGESTIVELY. It's più the way the animazione keeps jolting back to the beginning like some shitty animatronic...
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 Magic Mirror on the wall, what are my preferito and least preferito animated Film of them all?
Magic Mirror on the wall, what are my favorite and least favorite animated movies of them all?
This is like the third o so time that I've made an articolo about what I consider to be the WORST animated Film of ALL TIME, but this is the first time I've done it about my preferito animated movies. I've been meaning to make one about my preferito animated Film for a while now and I've FINALLY gotten around to it! So I thought I'd combine both lists into one articolo in order to kill two birds with one stone. Plus I think it's kind of fun to start out with negativity and end it on positivity. Keep in mind that this is just my personal opinion, so don't be rude. Please commento telling me...
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 I guess he's not a fan of ballets o 1980's animes.
I guess he's not a fan of ballets or 1980's animes.
Ever since Doug Walker did his review of The cigno Princess, I've noticed più and più people around the internet accuse this movie of being "Disney-lite," "a Disney knock-off," etc.

Problem is, the reasons they give are either something that almost EVERY animated movie has done since Snow White (singing, princesses, animal companions, etc) o it was already in the original fairy tale-inspired ballet written and composed da Tchaikovsky decades before Disney ever got into animation.

Quick Backstory: The cigno Princess is based on the ballet link, again, written and composed da Tchaikovsky. And...
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I know this lista may look controversial coming from me but I am just notoriously indecisive. Please don't be too hard on me haha ;)

10. Sailor Moon
I didn't get that much into the series but I am in Amore with the character designs and costumes. Everyone is so cute and this polpetta head is the cutest IMO. I Amore Serena's hairstyle, eyes and cheeks!
9. Emma Frost
Honestly, I don't really like how they drew Emma in Wolverine and the X-Men. Her looks are mesmerizing in most of the variety pack comics so I don't feel like the TV mostra did her justice. Although I'm just a big fan of her looks...
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