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 Mickey and Minnie topo, mouse gif
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Now, none of these are perfect films, I will be listing their flaws, but I do like these 4, and I will lista why; feel free to decide I am stupid and should never have an opinion again, but sadly I'm stubborn and these are sticking as firm faves - o at least likes.

4.The black cauldron: flaws = underdeveloped characters, basic story, bland, no signature musical numbers.
My thoughts: I didn't put atlantis here as that is still quite respected within it's own cult, but there are very few people who like this. Despite being blander than other films, it's no home on the range, and I Amore the artwork,...
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 random Picture~~!
Random Picture~~!
1st articolo on this spot~! Hope te Enjoy~!


I Amore her. She is so cute. && My preferito character from PatF~!

carlotta, charlotte

9.Jane (Tarzan)

I Amore her looks~! I think her eyes are very pretty && I Amore her hair color~!


8. Pocahontas

She is so beautiful~! An amazing figure && a stunning face~!



I Amore her face~! && her hips are very big but I have big hips too && I Amore that on her~!


6. Wendy

She is so so so pretty to me~! I like her hair && face. She is also one of my preferito characters...
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14) Marina

Marina is a really beautiful woman. She has stunning lips and amazing expresive black eyes. Although her hair is kind plain, it’s really nice. I don’t like her nose. marina has also a feminine body. She is very charming but ordinary.

13) Mulan

I like Mulan’s black silky hair. Her eyes are so beautiful, they are black, mandorla and deep. But I think that her lips are very weird and her body may be athletic but it isn’t curvy enough.

12) Nita

Nita is a mixture of Mulan and Pocahontas. She has lovely fleshy lips. Her eyes are nice but they are very close to each other...
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