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Earlier this week an idea randomly popped into my head that I should make an articolo on characters with the prettiest eyes and here it is! It's made up of different eyes and unlike my beautiful eyes lista with famous people that mostly has guys, this lista mostly has has ladies. (Probably because they use many different shapes for women).

10) mela, apple Bloom

I was thinking about putting mela, apple Bloom as a usual pony, but I thought it would only be fair to use humans and she IS human in the movies. Ha! Anyway I Amore mela, apple Bloom's eyes because not only are they arancia, arancio which is a cool and unusual color...
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I wasn't sure if I should've postato this on the Disney club o the Childhood Animated Heroines club but I finally decided on this one because it concentrates più on the heroines' beauty. Plus I've already made my prettiest Non-Disney females articolo on here, so it's kind of a part 2 lol. Now I wouldn't want to leave out my Disney girls ;) including Non-Canon!

10. The Bimbettes
It was hard to choose between Babette and the Bimbettes... but the Bimbettes is a trio, so Babette didn't make the lista because she got outnumbered lol. I like that the trio act silly 24/7, yet still have beautiful faces...
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I know this lista may look controversial coming from me but I am just notoriously indecisive. Please don't be too hard on me haha ;)

10. Sailor Moon
I didn't get that much into the series but I am in Amore with the character designs and costumes. Everyone is so cute and this polpetta head is the cutest IMO. I Amore Serena's hairstyle, eyes and cheeks!
9. Emma Frost
Honestly, I don't really like how they drew Emma in Wolverine and the X-Men. Her looks are mesmerizing in most of the variety pack comics so I don't feel like the TV mostra did her justice. Although I'm just a big fan of her looks...
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I saw this on the DP spot, written da AudreyFreak and I thought it would be an interesting idea to do the same with some of the heroines. But instead of doing them all in one article, I decided to separate them and write one articolo fro each heroine. I do this for 2 reasons. Firstly, because it needs a lot of time and with the homework and stuff I will never be able to finish it. The secondo reason is that this club is not at all active and we try to bring it back to life, so I think that it will make people visit it più often (if te like it and you're interested in Leggere the successivo ones...)....
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