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penners posted on Jan 15, 2009 at 02:50AM
Hi all, I am new to this site but I am hoping someone can help me..hopefully I can give you enough info on the movie I am trying to remember the name of. I think it was 40 or 50s. Its about a girl who still lives at home and is dating like this banker guy or something like that and she wants bigger and better and this guy comes into town on a boat I believe and she starts to fall for him and so these two guys are kinda fighting for her. but in one scene, they went to like a Hispanic type carnival or something and she was with her friend and this guy was with them and they were dancing through the street and they were on a carousel. It is driving me crazy. I was kind of young when I saw it. It was a comedy. any help would be appreciated!

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più di un anno fa deedeeflower said…
can you remember who was in it?