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Cammie posted on Jun 26, 2009 at 02:13AM
I know that the Classic Movies spot is probably not the most appropriate spot to pay tribute to either Farrah Fawcett or Michael Jackson for neither were classic stars from the golden days of Hollywood.
I've placed this here because this is the one spot where friends meet and talk and I wanted to know others' reaction to the sudden deaths of Farrah and Michael.
I was on here very late last night (about 3:00am Australian time) when I heard the sad news that Farrah had died. I was saddened but not totally surprised because I knew this lady had been fighting cancer for a long time.
I adolized Farrah when I was a young girl. Farrah was huge in Australia in the 1970s. Every young lady wanted her gorgeous hair and wanted to look like her in that famous red swimsuit. But Farrah was more than just a poster girl, she was a very talented actress. Her performance in The Burning Bed proofed that!

Michael's death has really jolted me. It is a shock because it was so unexpected. I heard about his (suspected)heart attack shorty after hearing the news of Farrah's death. The reports here in Australia were sketchy though-there was not too much information available. The last piece of news I heard before I went to bed didn't really indicate that it was life-threatening at all. I was woken up a couple of hours later by a message coming through to my mobile from my daughter, telling me of his passing. I'm saddened beyond words.
I know that I didn't know either of these people personally but I idolized both for different reasons.
As far as I'm concerned, Farrah and Michael are and always will be "classic stars" - just in a different way than the stars of yesteryear.

RIP Farrah and Michael!
 I know that the Classic Film spot is probably not the most appropriate spot to pay tribute to eithe
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più di un anno fa IsisRain said…
I was saddened about Farrah's death and I feel really sad for Ryan O'Neal.

I cried about Michael's passing, it was quite a shock and I've been a big fan of his since I was a kid. I don't think there's ever been or probably ever will be a musical genius like he was. I've always looked forward to anything new he does because it's always awesome and I'm sure he would have had a ton of great surprises in the comeback tour he had planned. I also feel he's gotten a lot of raw deals from the media through the years. It's still just shocking that he's gone!
più di un anno fa Berni said…
I feel sad for them both.I always wanted to look like Farrah when i was in my teens she really was very beautiful ! And michael iv'e grown up with his music wow ! what an entertainer.Such a sad loss for both families i really feel it for them.I hope they both find everlasting peace and that their families sadness will soon turn to happy memories!
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 I feel sad for them both.I always wanted to look like Farrah when i was in my teens she really was ve
più di un anno fa kateliness2 said…
I was unreal at the news of Michael's death... I didn't believe the person who told me at first.

Farrah's death didn't hit me quite so hard; of course I offer my condolences to her family and friends. I just was not as familiar with Farrah as I was with Michael.

Again, my heart goes out to both families. RIP.
più di un anno fa judesmommy said…
You know as far as Farrah's passing, I knew it was coming soon. My mother passed from cancer, so I really feel for her family, especially her son as I know he is a troubled young man. And of course my heart goes out to Ryan O'Neal, as I truly believe they were soul mates.

As for Michael Jackson, even now it's hard to believe he's gone. I grew listening to his music. I even had posters of him on my bedroom walls. I think he was a troubled individual, who never seemed to find true happiness while on earth. Between rumors, trials, and money issues, he's had his share of woes over the years. Maybe now he will find peace wherever he is.

May they both rest in peace.
più di un anno fa judesmommy said…
BTW, wonderful forum topic Cammie. Thanks for adding it.
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più di un anno fa Cammie said…
Thank YOU,Tracy.
And lovely heart-felt comments.