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Richard8472 posted on Aug 04, 2009 at 08:23AM
I just spent all day looking through a new Michael Jackson website that just popped up on link:

They Got good Stuff on Michael Jackson History, Music, Videos, and also Michael Jackson Lyrics for his albums and songs. What are the best Michael Jackson websites out there for rich content does anyone know?


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più di un anno fa Richard8472 said…
Here is the link website I mentioned on Imbaha link, with link, and link.
più di un anno fa Milah said…
No I do not know the best website out there.
But you do know this is a Classic Movies spot.
So why are you posting things on here about Michael Jackson?
I don't know.
più di un anno fa Richard8472 said…
Hi, Ok, I just noticed I posted in the wrong section. I'll do my best to post in the right places in the future. And I wasn't asking you specifically .... it's more of a general question for anyone.

Peace out.
più di un anno fa Milah said…
Oh it's okay.
You must be new here.
There is a spot for Michael Jackson.
So how about you post this forum on his spot :)
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