Suzaku is 1 of Code Geass' main characters. He's gotten really mixed reactions from the fans. Some people hate him and some people Amore him. He seems to have gotten più mixed reviews than all the other Code Geass characters. This review is about if I consider Suzaku to be a good character.

Here's some info about Suzaku:

Friends: Lelouch, Nunnally, Cecile

Bosses: Lloyd, Charles (former boss)

Amore Interest: Euphemia

Suzaku is Lelouch's best friend. However they become enemies, because of their different plans on how to rescue Japan. Suzaku tries to be the heroic and reasonable person, but he does some questionable things including trying to kill Lelouch.

I like Suzaku. Lelouch and Suzaku's conflicts with each other are some of the show's best plot lines. Both of them had understandable reasons to do what they did. Lelouch is the rude person, but got things done. Suzaku is the nice guy, but was più dangerous to Giappone than helpful. He tried to kill Lelouch and worked for the villainous King Charles. I consider Suzaku to be nicer than Lelouch, but less helpful. Despite the bad stuff that Lelouch did he saved Japan. Suzaku was nice, but not a good choice maker.

Suzaku is 1 of the show's best written characters, because of his interesting plot lines. However his personality traits aren't as interesting as some characters including Lloyd and the villains. However that doesn't make Suzaku a bad character. He was pretty exciting throughout the show.

complessivamente, generale he's not perfect, but he's a good character. He was interesting and a cool character.