King Charles is 1 of the main Code Geass villains. King Charles is 1 of Code Geass' most hated characters. Is is hatred worth it? Is he a good character?

Before I answer that here's some info about King Charles:

Wife: Marianne

Daughters: Cornelia, Euphemia, Nunnally

Sons: Lelouch, Schneizel, Clovis, Odysseus

King Charles is a harsh and eccentric person. He's the Emperor of Britannia who forced Giappone to be named Area 11. His plan was to destroy the Gods which he thought would make Earth a better place. King Charles isn't that nice to his kids. He's pretty much only polite to the people that get him what he wants. King Charles seems like the main villain, but Prince Schneizel gave him some competition.

Well King Charles isn't a really likeable person, but he's not supposed to be. He's intended to be a character that the audience roots against. However King Charles has 1 strong feature that makes him a entertaining character: corniness. Despite how serious Code Geass is the king is hard to take seriously. His plan to get rid of the Gods makes sense if te don't think about it. He acts like a goofy villain despite being in a serious and intense show. 1 of the show's most entertaining scenes is King Charles' reaction to Euphemia trying to get rid of Japanese people. I won't spoil what he said, but it was greatly goofy scene of dark comedy.

complessivamente, generale King Charles is a villainous goofball which is why I think he's a really entertaining character.