Code Geass is a Anime mostra that's quite popular. The popularity of the mostra is goodly deserved. In fact I think the mostra deserves even più popularity and I hope my review explains why.

The Plot:

The mostra stars Lelouch Lamperouge, a former prince who sides against royalty. He wants to Earth to be a friendlier world to help his sister, Nunnally. To accomplish his goal he has to get rid of his dad, Charles who's a king. Lelouch gets a new identity as Zero and gets the Black Knights to help him. However Lelouch's best friend Suzaku becomes 1 of his primary rivals. The 2 of them have similar goals, but very different plans on how to improve Earth.

The plot of the mostra is really good. The mostra starts off exciting and for 50 episodes it continues being the most exciting mostra that I've ever watched. The rivalry between Lelouch and Suzaku is impressively written and interesting. Nearly every character in the mostra is well written so prepare for non stop subplots that are quite great.

The Characters:

Code Geass has so many characters that it would seem like too many. However the mostra amazingly doesn't feel over stuffed with characters. Nearly every main and supporting character gets plenty of time to shine. Lelouch has questionable morals, but he's a cool protagonist. He and Suzaku manage to be exciting characters throughout the show. The mostra has several villains that are cool and entertaining. The biggest stand out is Lloyd who's 1 of the best supporting characters in all of fiction.

The Animation:

The animazione is awesome. It's the most impressive animazione I've ever seen in a Televisione show. There's so many cool looking characters. The mostra is visually amazing.


Code Geass is a exciting mostra with good characters and spectacular animation. It's absolutely worth checking out.