Wally had to gag. Kissyface was HORRIBLE. All it was was girls and guys talking about their feelings and a bunch of baciare (well, what would do te expect with a titolo like that?). He had to escape somehow. He leaned in towards Kuki.
"Pssssst! Kooks! Can I borrow 5 bucks?" he whispered.
She gave him a look.
"Why?" she whispered back.
"......Because we're low on candy." he lied.
She rolled her eyes and handed him the money.
"Thanks! I'll be back as soon as I can!"
5 minuti went by. Then 10. Then 15. After 20 minutes, Kuki began wondering where he was. Maybe there was a long line? She got up to find out exactly where Wally was.
When she found him, he wasn't where he detto he'd be.
"WALLABEE BEETLES!!!!" she shrieked.
He jumped at the sound of his name.
"Kuki! I-I thought te were watching the movie!" he stuttered.
"And I thought te were getting più candy!" she shot back.
"Well, yeah, I was , but then this huge game system appeared out of nowhere and...."
Kuki had to do a facepalm. He was a terrible liar.
"...So, te DON'T wanna see the movie with me? te HAVE to tell me the truth!" she asked, a bit upset.
Wally started to sweat bullets. Kuki started tearing up. He sighed.
"....Well....not really. I HATE romance movies."
Kuki started biting her lip, trying to hold back tears. Then she glared at Wally and started walking towards him, fists balled.
"Kukiiiii? What are te doing?" he asked, backing up.
She got a wild look in her eyes. Kuki then lept on superiore, in alto of Wally and smacked him hard across the face several times.
When Kuki was done smacking the crap out of him, Wally rubbed his face and started sniffling.
Kuki got off of him and gasped.
"Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! Wally...I...I...."
She buried her face into her hands and ran out the front doors.
"KUKI! Wait!" he yelled.
Kuki sat on the curb, crying.
"KUKI!" Wally called out. He sat on the curb with her.
"I'm sorry, W-W-Wally. I <sniffle> don't k-k-know what's happening t-to m-me! One m-minute, I'm myself, and th-the next, I-"
Wally rubbed her back.
"It's OK...." Then he changed the subject.
"Hey! Look! The moon's coming out!"
Both looked up.
"Hey...it's a full moon!"
Kuki gulped.
"F-f-f-full m-m-m-m-m-moon? I...I...Wally, I gotta go!"
He pointed at the theatre.
"Well, the bathroom's back there..."
Kuki stood up.
"Not THAT kind of 'go'!! I mean...." she looked up at the full moon and ran towards the park.
"Waaaaaaaaaaait!" Wally yelled. Kuki was too far away to hear him. He sighed, and texted an SSOS message.
A few minuti later, Kiki, Megan, Maddy, and Kacey met him in the lobby. Kiki was a bit surprised at how red Wally's cheeks were.
"WOAH! Did te piss of a Justin Bieber fangirl again?" she asked.
"No! Kuki did this! She smacked me, cried her eyes out, and ran towrds the park!"
Maddy's eyes grew huge.
"Kiki, is this 'puberty' thing really this bad?" he asked.
"Well, sometimes. But this isn't puberty..."
"..This is Spankulocity Syndrome. And it's almost in it's final stages," Maddy panicked, "We have to hurry!"
Kacey went into "army general" mode:
"OK. Kiki, get everyone else and meet us at the successivo block, Wally, mostra me where she went, and Maddy? Notify KND Moonbase's Super Serious Sickness wing."
Everyone saluted and did as they were told.
"No way!" Raleigh protested.
"Nuh-uh!" Kiki said, stubbornly.
"Didn't te see the movie? That place is dangerous!" Megan said.
Kacey rolled her eyes.
"Guys, this isn't even a nature trail! All it is is a bunch of trees and a dirt path! Besides, this is the only way to get to the park!"
The three gulped and made their way through the area. The millisecond after a twig snapped, the 3 sprinted to the other side.
"Wait a minute! Where's the park?" Kiki asked, catching her breath.
"On superiore, in alto of the hill, numbnuts. And god knows, I'm NOT walking up that." Wally put in.
Kiki stuck her tongue out at him.
"....So how are we gonna attract a spank-happy vampire to the bottom of a hill? We can't really do anything 'bad'...." Abby added.
Kiki and Kacey smiled evilly and attempted to give Wally a wedgie....but were inturrpted da Maddy, Minerva, and Valentina Canto the chorus to Michael Jackson's Bad at the superiore, in alto of their lungs. David even tried to moonwalk, but fell flat on his face.
"There's no need to pubblicità it!!" Two voices shouted at the superiore, in alto of the hill.
"I think we found them!" Hoagie said, happily.
Both came rolling down the hill, obviously in a fight.
"...More like they found us ." Megan put in.
Kacey stepped in.
"Alright, te two! Break it up!" she commanded. When they did as they were told, everyone gasped and stepped back in shock. Kuki was as white as a ghost, a few inches taller, and her fangs were sharp enough to pop a balloon. TC on the other hand....well, had a BUNCH of color to his face, his hair was long and pulled back in a ponytail, his K9 teeth were normal length, and he was wearing....green?
Val was the first to step...rather run forward.
" GET AWAY FROM MY DADDY!!! she shrieked at the superiore, in alto of her lungs. She pounced onto Kuki and began hitting her. Kuki grabbed Val da her collare and chewed her out. Then placed her on her lap.
Kiki covered her eyes.
"I can't watch!...but I have to! This is getting cool!"
Val was crying and kicking her legs...even though nothing was happening.
Kuki cackled evilly.
TC stepped forward.
"Hey! Let go of my-"
Kuki hissed at him, and he jumped behind Kacey, who then did a facepalm.
She then raised her hand as high as it would go. Val started screaming at the superiore, in alto of her lungs. Then, when her hand was halfway down, she stopped and looked REALLY sick.
"...Kuki? Are te all right?" Wally asked.
"...Not really...I think I'm gonna-"
Then she collapsed onto the ground.
"Spankulocity Shock!" Maddy gasped.
Now the situaton wasn't scary o serious. It was a case Life-Or-Living-Death