"Uh... Um...." Wally stammered. "....My Yipper Cards?" Wally detto nervously. Kacey looked at him weird. Wally could always replace his Yipper Cards. The arcobaleno Monkey he could not.
"Dude, I have thousands of Yipper Cards at home. Just forget about it." Kacey said. Wally smiled. Megan sat down and she and Kiki began talking. Kuki decided to go play some Carnival Games.
"Hey, Wally, I'm gonna go play a couple of Carnival Games and see how many arcobaleno Monkeys I can win! Wanna come?" Kuki asked generously. Wally just shook his head. He was still depressed. Kuki just skipped off. Then, she accidentally bumped into a clown. The clown growled and kept on walking. Kuki then bumped into another clown who just shoved her. Then, she bumped into a third clown who freaked out.
"Listen kid! Don't bump into me again! I mean it! Ugh! I hate my job..." The Clown said. Kuki saw the Clown from the ride.
"Hi, Mr. Boomerang Clown! How's it goin'?" She asked. The Clown just growled. Kuki then saw a game so magnificent she almost burst into tears.
"IT'S THE arcobaleno MONKEY CLOWNIN' AROUND CARNIVAL GAME!" Kuki shrieked. She ran towards the game as fast as lightning. She pushed a couple of people out of her way.
"GIMME A TICKET, NOW!" Kuki screamed almost attacking the Clown who worked the station. He gave her a ticket.
"I'm gonna win that Let's Cuddle arcobaleno Monkey!" A little girl about 6-7 years old said. Kuki just glared at the girl. The girl saw what Kuki was wearing.
"Are te a arcobaleno Monkey lover too?" The girl asked. Kuki nodded still staring at the girl. The girl and Kuki were the two players.
"Alright, girls, whoever knocks down the evil I'll Hug te All Till You're a Pancake arcobaleno Monkey 1st wins. Ready, set, go." The Clown detto unenthusiastically. Kuki hit the target perfectly. The small girl tried a couple of times. Kuki squealed. The Clown looked at her with a fake smile.
"Congratulations, you've won. Pick a arcobaleno Monkey before I stab myself." The Clown said. Kuki picked the big Let's Cuddle arcobaleno Monkey. The little girl began to cry. Kuki just sadly walked away. About halfway back to the table, Kuki found a different arcobaleno Monkey station. It was the Build-A-Rainbow-Monkey station. Kuki blinked and in that millisecond she saw the giorno she had made one of these for Wally and realized that's what was in his bag. She gasped.
"I must make a new one for Wally!" She yelled pushing a bunch of people. Ironically, she found the little girl from the arcobaleno Monkey game. The girl looked at Kuki, then growled.
Kuki worked and worked and worked. This arcobaleno Monkey was better than the last one. Not only did it have a bowl cut, it had Wally's outfit and shoes!
"Perfect!" Kuki shouted. The little girl grabbed the monkey.
"It's mine." The girl said. Kuki pulled back hard. The little girl's grip slipped. She began to cry again.
"Pshh.... What a baby." Kuki detto running off to the table. Wally was there, Kiki and Megan were there but Kacey wasn't.
"Hiya, guys, where's Kacey?" Kuki asked.
"Riding another coaster that we didn't want to." Kiki said. She picked up her soda and threw it to the trash can. She made a perfect basket.
"Hey, Wally, I made te a new arcobaleno Monkey! It's just like your old one, but better!" Kuki said. Wally got all bug eyed. The others had no idea he had a arcobaleno Monkey. Kiki and Megan burst out laughing.
"Shut up te guys!" Wally yelled. Kuki handed him the arcobaleno Monkey. He smiled. Right then Kacey arrived. Looking at Wally she almost fainted.