Kuki ran out to check the mailbox. She opened it, grabbed everything inside, and rushed back.
"MAIL'S HERE!" She yelled at the superiore, in alto of her lungs. Kacey and Wally had been watching wrestling all giorno and hadn't taken their eyes off of the TV. Kiki had been watching too. But not the wrestling. She was watching how every time blood appeared on screen, both Numbuhs 4 and 7 would jump up, scream, and high-five each other.
"I still don't get it." Kiki detto grabbing some soda. Numbuh 5 laughed.
"Wit 'till Hockey of Football comes on. That's always fun." Abby told Numbuh 8. She laughed leaving Kiki with a confused look on her face.
"......MAIL'S HERE!" Kuki yelled again. No answer. She tried 5 o 6 più times. No answer. So, she resulted in:
Chucking Kacey's package at her head, making a perfect curveball while tossing Numbuh 4 his weekly 'Violence Issues' packet from the school, throwing Numbuh 2 his coupons at his face, and da then, no più mail. Kuki sighed.
Abby sighed. "You ain't gonna win that dumb contest, Kuki." Kuki scowled. Megan was puzzled.
"What contest?" She asked out loud.
"Numbuh 3 entered a contest to win a cruise." Numbuh 2 answered while skimming through his coupons.
Kiki looked around. The wrestler had a bloody face. She sighed.
"Kuki," Kiki began. "You'll never win one of those."
"Oh, yeah?" Kuki asked. She grabbed Kacey's laptop and went to the Carnival Cruise Lines website. Then, she clicked on the contest section. She clicked on the "Enter Our Contest!" button. Then, she showed Kiki her entry form. At the bottom of the lista it read: "Entered 999 times". Kiki scoffed.
"MILLIONS of people enter those contests. te still won't win it." Kiki said. Kuki frowned and clicked "Submit" and "Back" for about an hour.
The successivo week, Kuki rushed out to the mailbox. It only had one little slip of paper. She looked at it. What she saw nearly made her faint. Numbuh 3 rushed into the room.
"GUYS! I WON IT! I WON A CRUISE FOR 8!" Kuki screamed. Kacey was Leggere her book she got in the mail. She looked up.
"Really?" She asked with a 'I don't believe you' look on her face. Kuki flung the paper at her. Kacey was an excellent baseball, football, and hockey player, so she caught it perfectly. She read over it a few times. Then, dropped it.
"Guys," She began. "Looks like ALL of us, including Toby, are going on a cruise." Everyone couldn't believe it.