Wally slouched in his desk. Boooooring. Math had to be the worst class in the 5th grade. Mrs. Wann was his math teacher. And his homeroom teacher. They had Math every giorno before lunch. That's why Wally looked inoltrare, avanti to lunch every day. To get outta Math. Kuki sat successivo to him. She was having a hard time with the 5 problems they were assigned to do. Wally hadn't even done a single problem. He knew they were just gonna check over the risposte anyway. Why bother? Hoagie and Abby had finished awhile ago. Wally decided to doodle. It came close to 11:15. Lunch time. Kacey was lucky. She had lunch at 11:05. 5 minuti after the 1st graders. Then, Mrs. Wann detto something bloodcurdling.
"OK, class. It'd getting too close to lunch time so I'll go ahead and collect your papers. Abby! Reese! I'd like te guys to collect the papers and then bring them to me."
Wally froze. In his mind he thought: "Oh, crap! I'm toast! I can't turn in a bunch of doodles! I got it! I'll just write fake answers!" Right before Wally began to write, Reese came over to collect his paper.
"Hand it over, Wally." She said. Wally sighed and gave it to her.
"No answers? You're gonna get an F." Reese said. She snickered. Getting F's was Wally's day-job. As she walked off the campana, bell for lunch rang. Wally picked up his lunch box and ran out the door. Mrs. Wann sighed.
"Class dis-missed."
Wally ate his lunch as fast as lighting. Except for the spinach. He HATED spinach. Kuki sat successivo to him.
"Hi, Wally! How's your lunch?" She asked. Wally had part of a sandwich, some grapes, and half a cookie in his mouth. Included with a Capri-Sun straw stuck up there.
"Can't talk, Kuki. I can't wait for recess today." Wally detto muffled. Kuki could hardly hear him, but understood every word.
"What's so important about recess today?" Kuki asked biting some of her arachide, arachidi burro and banana sandwich.
"Recess is always important!" Wally shouted. He swallowed everything and then repeated the process. Kuki was still confused. She had already finished her sandwich, panino and was now working on her drink. She finished everything before Wally and walked out. Wally couldn't believe it. Then, he wrote on his hand: Eat Slower.
After finishing his food, Wally raced himself outside. He met up with Kacey, David and Christian.
"Hey, Wally." David detto ruffling Wally's head. He moved David's hand away. He high-fived Christian. Wally looked over at Kuki on the swings.
David stared deep into his eyes. "Go for it." David said. Wally half grinned.
"C'mon, Wally." Christian said. "5th grade is where it begins!" Kacey cracked up. Then, a boy in the 6th grade named Falken walked up to Kuki.
"Hi! I'm Falken. Need a push?" Falken asked Kuki. Kuki giggled and blushed.
"Sure!" She replied. Falken began pushing. Wally got furious.
"HEY! GET AWAY FROM HER!" Wally shrieked marching towards Falken. Kacey, David, and Christian followed not too far behind. They were gonna have to get Wally out of another situation. Kacey ran up towards Falken.
"Falken, watch out for my cousin. He's the jealous type." Kacey warned Falken nodded almost laughing.
"Who do te think te are?" Wally said. He pushed up against Falken's chest. Kacey facepalmed. This wouldn't end well.
"Excuse me?" Falken asked. David and Christian thought it was funny. Kacey threw rocks at them.
"What do te think you're doing?" Wally hollered. Falken looked at Wally.
"I'm pushing a pretty girl on the swings. What did te think I was doing?" Falken replied. Kuki smiled.
"You think I'm pretty?" Kuki asked.
"Well, ya." Falken said. His good looks and charms seemed to stun Kuki. Wally Lost it.
"Here it comes." Kacey whispered to David and Christian in a high-pitched voice.
"NOW, te THINK te CAN JUST TROT OVER HERE, AND COME AND FLIRT WITH KUKI te BAD-BREATHED ELAPHANT?" Wally yelled at the superiore, in alto of his lungs. Even David and Christian joined in on the facepalming with Kacey. Abby and Hoagie came over.
"You guys," Abby said. "I think te may wanna check this out." Everyone followed Abby to the bacheca over da the pallacanestro, basket court. There was a flyer. It read:
Hello, Sierra Verde Vipers! On September 25th, we're having a school dance for the 3rd - 6th graders! The 7th and 8th graders will have their own dance on October 1st. Hope to see ya then!
What came next?
A facepalm from Kacey.
"A DANCE?!" Wally let out a bloodcurdling scream. At the same time, Kuki was having a different experience.
" A DANCE!" Kuki shrieked. "Oh! It'll be so much fun! Whaddya say Falken?"
"I think this school has a wonderful idea!" Falken yelled. Another facepalm.
Just then, the campana, bell rang. P.E. for the 6th graders. The 5th graders still had 5 più minuti of recess left.
Kacey pulled David and Christian's arms. Falken followed with his hands in his pockets.
"Bye, we gotta go now, see ya later." Kacey detto hurrying to get outta the scene.
"Bye, Kuki! See ya after school!" Falken called.
"Bye, Falken!" Kuki called back. Then, she turned to the others.
"Oh, isn't he so good-looking?" Kuki asked. Wally growled, ready to rip Falken's arm off.
"Yeah," Wally detto trotting off slouched, with his fingers in his pockets. "Beautiful."