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posted by katialautnerxx
Coraline screamed. Two gleaming buttons stared up at her, a menacing smile sewn across the doll's face.
"Get away from me! Why?! I had gotten rid of te weeks ago!" Coraline cried. Footsteps echoed in the corridor and Coraline's door was thrown open.
"Coraline? What's all this screaming about?" her mother snapped. Coraline stood up, shaking, holding the doll at arms length and threw it at her mother.
"Get rid of it! Burn it, fry it, just make sure it NEVER comes back!" Coraline demanded fearfully. Her mother gave her a quizzical look and sighed.
"You woke me up in the middle of the night over a stupid DOLL?" she asked rhetorically. Coraline nodded sheepishly and stared at the ground, rubbing her arm. Her mother sighed once più and ushered her daughter to her bed. She shut the door tightly and walked off down the corridor to the kitchen. Coraline wasn't satisfied until she heard the sizzling and fondere, c'era un odore the burning of fabric. She smiled.
The successivo day, Coraline felt shivery. She woke up to find the whole house frosted over. Snow carpeted the floor and icicles hung from everywhere. It was the middle of summer!
"Mom? Dad?" Coraline called nervously. There was no reply. She tried again, louder.
Something shifted. She spun round in fright. A snake like creature slithered da her back. She turned around again.
Suddenly, she was being dragged out the house and onto a giant chessboard. That had never been there.... She thought.
The snake like creature collapsed and melted away into different types of weaponry. Odd.
Something else caked her body in a metal suit. Again, odd. What was going on?
Coraline turned round at the sound of moaning and ghostly giggles. Before her, an army of many ghost children appeared. She fought back a shriek when she saw three familiar faces. The ghost children from the Other World.
"We are your army, Coraline," The boy detto softly. "The other mother has declared war. Whoever wins gets to keep you. We're fighting for you, to keep te safe. To keep te in this world with your own eyes."
"Where's my parents though?" Coraline asked nervously. The tall ghost girl nodded towards a tall hourglass.
"If te win, the glass will break and your parents will be free," she explained,"however if the Bedlam wins, the sand will kill them and you'll have no choice but to go with her."
Coraline shivered.
"Where is the Other Mother and her army?" Coraline asked. The smaller ghost girl sighed. She pointed to the horizon where, it looked like, a dark nube, nuvola forming. The blackness advanced and it wasn't long until Coraline came face to face with the person she hoped never to see again. The Bedlam.
"Coraline! How lovely to see te again!" the Bedlam cooed eerily, a mad glint in her button eyes, "What and unexpected meeting!" She extended one of her hands, the only hand, and tried to take her prey's in it. Coraline yanked it back and the ghosts hissed, sounding like a rattlesnake chorus. The Other army growled.
With a disapproving frown, the Bedlam reared up. Her skin ripped apart and a metal, ragno like contraption was left in the O.Mothers place. The ragno thing screamed and backed off to her army. She sat at the back, on a beetle chair like when she offered Coraline a sweet in the Other World, and clapped her hands. The whole army sprang into action. The ghosts dived underground.
Coralibe fled to the back of her rank to another chair. A blue, trono like seat. Much better than sitting on a bug.
Coraline gazed at the battlefield. The ghosts were obviously winning. Nothing hurt them as axes were swung through their heads and stabbed in their stomachs. They were invincible.
Despite not being able to carry a weapon, the ghost army had its own 'possession.' They darted everywhere, possessing every other battalion on the Other army. Coraline smirked. This was an amusing game.
Shouts alerted the girl to a più important matter. Her parents were still trapped and the sand was forever flowing. She couldn't break the glass o open the timer. It was totally Coraline proof. Fear flooded her parents' faces. Mainly because they didn't believe in ghosts o button eyed zombies.
Coraline got out of the chair and ran to the glass. She turned around when she heard a shriek of aniexty and the Bedlam was upon her.
Coraline was weaponless. Her eyes were vunerable.....
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