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posted by cannibalZoey
2 we Amore r sweet tè
3 we r sure hard working
4 we ain't all that good n math
5 we don't care what others think of the way we dress of look
6 we were born to fight
7 we party hard
8 we Amore r apples
9 we Amore r dads
10 we don't like speaken n fancy
11 we don't take insults kindly
12 we can keep a secret
13 we r mostly Aries,Leo, o saggitaures
14 Amore r family's
15 we don't like brats
16 we Amore r food
17 we always go to church on Sunday
18 were friendly
19 we Amore animals
20 Amore to swim
Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Three
Lunch was the best lunch I had ever had. I had never tasted such a good meal before. I thank Abigail for lunch as I helped cleaned the table. After I got done cleaning up lunch, Abigail and I went outside. I was not sure what we were going to do but I followed her anyways.
We went over to the horse pin where Tucker was 'breaking' the horse. It was odd to see. The horse was really scared of Tucker. te could tell da her eyes and how she was running around the pin.
"She is a beauty, isn't she," Bryce detto as he came up.
"Um, yeah she is," I said.
"Have you...
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter Two
We pulled up to the gigantic house and before Bryce could even cut the engine off he hit the horn several different times. I saw several boys coming to the front of the house.
"Are those all your sons," I asked shocked.
"Yes, all four of them," Abigail detto proudly, "they are my pride and joy! Sorry, Harmony, we are the only girls."
"Oh okay," I detto as I got out of the truck.
I took one step towards the letto of the truck and 3 medium size Cani ran up to be barking.
"Boys down," Bryce demanded, "sorry about that; they will get use to te soon!"
"Good," I muttered....
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Not Your Typical Country Girl Chapter One
"Wake up," Miss Tainer demanded.
I rolled over and ignored her. I wanted to sleep some more. It was too early to get up.
"Now," she yelled into my room.
I quickly sat up and rubbed my eyes.
"Fine," I grumbled.
"Hurry up and get ready," she said, "we have people coming today. And they want you!"
"Sure they do," I detto as I rolled my eyes.
"Stop doing that," Miss Tainer demanded as she came over and grabbed my jaw bone, "this is why te are sixteen and not adopted yet, Harmony!"
"Whatever," I spat as I pulled my face away from her face.
Great today was just another...
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