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Fan fiction by Courtneyfan214 posted più di un anno fa
fan of it?
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(jenny as a kid)

duncan(kid): come on jenny! run fast!

jenny: i am!

???: come back here thiefs!

duncan: *sees a corner and runs to it* follow me jenny*

jenny: ok! *follows duncan*

(duncan and jenny runs to a corner and found out it was a dead end)

jenny:*angry* way to go! duncan!

duncan: sorry!

jenny: *thinks then pops an idea* *grabs duncan's hand and runs behind the dumpster*

???: *runs to the corner that duncan and jenny ran to* damn it! they got away! *runs back to his shop*

jenny: *looks up and sees that the man is gone*

duncan: is he gone?

jenny: yeah! *gets from behind dumpster*

duncan: *follows behind jenny*

jenny: promise me te won't have me still anything again?

duncan: ok i promise... in two weeks! *runs home with the three bags in his arm*

jenny: *smiles* wait for me! *runs behind him*