Criminal Minds Character Role Play Game ?

Evanescencefan posted on Nov 27, 2008 at 10:55PM
i dont know if someone has already done this before but i thought it would be fun, i got the idea from the bones spot, they are doing this :D

i hope you will roleplay with me.

also, it would be like doing an episode we made up our selves :D

If someone wants to play with me, the rules are:
when we start the game, you write things You say (not the character you play) between: ( )
example: (I have to leave)

if you character does something, you write it between **
example: *sees him coming, runs screaming away*

*borrowed the rules from the bones spots role play game :D*

i wanna be Garcia :3 <3

Garcia: Evanescencefan
Prentiss: Sufferkate
JJ: Doctor-reid
female unsub/Possible girlfriend for Reid: Cmspencerfan
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più di un anno fa cmspencerfan said…
I would absolutely LOVE to join but I was wonder if I could play a female unsub or maybe girlfriend for Reid? let me know I've been looking for someone to rp this show with

do you go on msn?
più di un anno fa Evanescencefan said…
sure :D, yes i do go on msn, but havent been able to for a while cause my computer is really crazy, and i can only go on the internet :(..
più di un anno fa cmspencerfan said…
can you go on aim cuz I will never know when you reply to me.

my e-mail name is

maybe we can rp till we get more people
più di un anno fa cmspencerfan said…
did you still want to play? let me know
più di un anno fa sufferkate said…
Id do Prentiss if you still wanna play :-)
più di un anno fa Evanescencefan said…
Cmspencerfan - i'm so sorry, i have been busy, that i forgot to check if you wrote back....

Sufferkate- Sure :D
più di un anno fa doctor-reid said…
could i join in?
if poss, could i be JJ?
i was gonna say girlfriend for reid, but it's taken, bugger lol :)
Kez x
più di un anno fa sufferkate said…
good stuff,when do we start? :-)
più di un anno fa Evanescencefan said…
Doctor-reid- Sure you can ;) ...

Sufferkate- when we have enough(sp?) people :)
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più di un anno fa Maddiefack said…
Hey...I've already set up a site for Criminal Minds RPG and if anyone once to join I really need people to sign up because right now only Reid and JJ are taken and it makes it really hard to RP with only two people...the site is link in case anyone's interested
più di un anno fa sufferkate said…
Hey Maddie,I am the_ice_truck_killer on your forum! canrt wait to start.
come on people sign up!!!
più di un anno fa hottiecoolcat said…