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la scelta dei fan: Yes. He's always somewhere big, like VEGAS.
la scelta dei fan: yes
la scelta dei fan: yes
la scelta dei fan: no (i wish)
la scelta dei fan: heck ya!
heck ya!
no no no!
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jasserarce17 detto … got to see this the trailer for the new mindfreak season link postato più di un anno fa
JaseKS detto …
Just got Mindfreaked. postato più di un anno fa
RevMag detto …
Total normal magician o illusionist o whatever te want to call him, only thing what isnt normal is his huge budget. Only a jerk could believe his Televisione shows and his "audition" and i´m-not-a-actor persons. Cameras are just in specifical place to create a illusion. Especially mass levitation episode and double straitjacket tricks pretty poor. Just normal tricks. If te really believe that mostra te should check internet about those tricks. Paid spectators are so obivious. postato più di un anno fa
JaseKS commentato…
Well no duh it's all fake. He says multiple times that they're just illusions. Spread the hate somewhere that will accept it. più di un anno fa