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posted by AliceHaleCullen
Rightio, it's been a while since I wrote an articolo and my best friend recently told me something that shocked me beyond belief.

She was walking through our local town centre in a 'Team Jacob' t-shirt, and a random girl she didn't even know just walked up to her, punched her and called her numerous swear words just because her camicia didn't say 'Team Edward'.

This really opened my eyes to how violent Twilight series 'fans' can be. It's not acceptable to punch, punzone someone in the face if they've done something, let alone because they have a different opinion on something.

Since then she's been to scared...
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posted by Dearheart
Bwahahaha! Welcome, little people! *cues scary pipe organ music* Yes, the C.A.T.’s out of the bag. It’s true. There are people in existence who do NOT worship the ground the Stephenie Meyer walks on. But before all te Twi-hards get mad about it and segnala us, let me tell te what this spot is NOT. Twi-haters, this applies to te as well, so listen up.

This is not an anti spot. (Read that sentence twice, please.)

We are not here to bash Stephenie Meyer o her fans, nor are we here to hate Twilight for the sake of hating it. That’s just as stupid (if not più so) as obsessing over Twilight...
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