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MikyD12 posted on May 10, 2016 at 12:17PM
Hello everybody :)

I was wondering if someone of you know how to download a few episodes or season from CSI ? I'm a passional assembler and that's why i would love to have some episodes on my laptop :) I know that there are a few softwares to record but actually i'm not familiar with them. Does anybody know something about this topic?

Cheers :)

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più di un anno fa Carly20 said…
Hey MikyD12 :)
One Option is to buy all the episodes you want to save on your laptop. But i guess this could be gradually expensive.
Well I'm currently using a software called Moviebox.It can capture online video streams.You can save all desired films and series almost overnight. It's a software you have to pay for but it's not that expensive as buying everything on Itunes or Amazon.

Have a look
più di un anno fa MikyD12 said…
Yeah i do not want to buy my favorite episodes. It's way too expensive!!! But thank you for your advice :)