Damon & Bonnie Ian/Nina chemistry VS. Ian/Kat chemistry RANT.

ApplePie88 posted on Feb 14, 2011 at 10:33PM
I've come to the conclusion that Delena fans only like Delena because Ian Somerhalder has pretty blue eyes and he has "so-called" chemistry with Nina Dobrev (which they do but it is no where near the chemistry that Ian/Kat have in my opinion). I don't know why everyone keeps saying that Ian has this PHENOMENAL, mind-blowing chemistry with Nina Dobrev because truthfully, I don't see what the big deal is about. To me, it's overrated. I even find that some of their (Ian/Nina) scenes together fall flat. However, with Ian/Kat, the spark is just incredible to watch. As a viewer, there is an excitement when you watch these two in a scene together. THERE IS SPARK. Something that Ian doesn't have in his scenes with Nina. You can tell that Ian/Kat light up when they do scenes together. Any one who says that Ian/Kat don't have chemistry either has their head stuck so far up Delena/Nian's ass or they just don't know or understand what real chemistry/spark looks like. Ian/Kat look like they actually have fun in their scenes together. Whereas, I find that his scenes with Nina kind of deaden Ian's intensity as an actor. And it has nothing to do with the characters, it has to do with the actors and the actors alone. Because even when Ian is doing scenes with Nina as Katherine, I don't know about anyone else but I find that Ian doesn't have an iota of chemistry with Nina as Katherine. I really don't. This is why I have always believed that Paul/Nina have significantly much better chemistry together then Ian/Nina. Paul/Nina's chemistry is diverse; I can always tell the difference between Stefan/Elena and Stefan/Katherine. This is because Paul/Nina as actors play well off each other. They are on-screen compatible. With Ian/Nina, however, their chemistry is either one-dimensional or it falls flat. For such an intense character as Katherine, you would expect Ian (an intense actor) to have loads and loads of spark with Nina as Katherine but personally, as a viewer, I don't and have never seen it. Bottom line is, I indefinitely prefer Ian/Kat's chemistry to Ian/Nina's. Ian and Kat magnetize me when they are onscreen together. They fascinate me. When Ian/Kat are on-screen, I want to watch them, every single interaction. I mean, the chemistry between these two actors is intangible. And it definitely doesn't really have anything to do with the fact that it is Damon/Bonnie, maybe only apart of it. It is 100% the actors. Two actors either have spark or they don't, no matter what character they are portraying. Also, I notice that when Ian does scenes with Kat, his eyes don't go all buggy or intense like they normally do, which is a huge positive. Instead, he substitutes the bulging eyes for having eye-sex with Kat. ;) When Ian does scenes with Nina, however, his eyes become really distracting and it takes me out of a scene. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but I have always taken note of this. Ian/Kat's chemistry onscreen is way more intriguing to me then Ian/Nina's, since I have always found Ian/Nina's chemistry to be overrated. Just my opinion though.

What do you guys think?

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