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D/K Kiss. What did te think?

I personally hated Katherine for letting Damon think she was Elena. Damon opened up to her and then it turns out to be KATHERINE??!! I was soo mad when she showed up! At first i was like, OMG! DELENA KISS! I was soo excited until John detto "Katherine?"
Grrr Katherine!!!
 Vamp_Biatchh posted più di un anno fa
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katie15 said:
Personally, I liked it. I know it wasn't a Delena baciare and for that I'm relieved - I think it is WAY too soon for Delena is baciare in season 1. It is one of the most anticipated thing at the moment on VD da Delena fans, once it has happened A LOT will change, so waiting till middle to end of season 2 is fine da me:)

And look at it this way - it shows the intense chemistry Ian and Nina have and it's like a anteprima to the actual Delena kiss;)
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posted più di un anno fa 
delenasalvatore said:
I HATED that Damon kissed Katherine when it should have been Elena. I know a lot of fan are relieved because it's too soon - but I don't get why DE shippers favour a DK baciare over a DE one. I also think their arguments are pretty groundless.
When we find out Damon is in Amore with Elena in 1x21, nobody that I'm aware of said, 'It's too early for us to know how he feels.' Why was it the right time for us to know he was in Amore with Elena, but too early for him to baciare her? Isn't it as important as a baciare should be?
I'm not convinced a baciare at the end of 22 episodes means they are 'rushing' into anything. Elena would have cut the baciare short, and in season 2 they would have been a bit awkward before settling down - only things would have been più tense than before. Elena's feelings are bound to change in S2, so it wouldn't have harmed DE. Plus it would've been great to see how she had reacted.
Basically, I think it should be about the right moment instead of the right number. The moment was pretty much perfect - Damon was being open and honest and vulnerable for once. The fact that he kissed Katherine is bound to make him più guarded for a bit, and might not necessarily be a good thing for DE.
I want to believe when DE baciare for real it will be ten times hotter - but I'm already apprehensive because it's been so built up, and it might not match my (and the fandom's) very high expectations. The DK baciare was hot - can DE really beat it? 'Of course...' but would I be feeling this amount of anxiety without that darned DK kiss? I don't think so. I would rather have had no baciare instead of a fake one. Katherine ha rubato, stola the baciare that belonged to Elena. What's good about that?
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posted più di un anno fa 
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