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Thoughts on what happened in the motel between DE in Shadow Souls...

 xIXIxRSBxIXIx posted più di un anno fa
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delenaisluv said:
people seem to think they detto they loved each other, but I think they also had some huge make out session and went farther then they have before.
plus, throughout SS Elena and Damon make references to marriage.

"your wedding veil perhaps?"-Damon

She was just afraid that Damon would make way with her to the bridal suite and-

She wanted to do the real tango. The kind te were supposed to get married after.

Maybe she chose Damon that night?
=D. can't remember the exact Citazioni but those are pretty close.
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posted più di un anno fa 
DaniKatZ said:
Might have made love... But that a little big don't ya think?
Unless They did and then Stefan finds out and says that Elena belongs with Damon!!! XD
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posted più di un anno fa 
SarahSantana said:
I wish I knew. Im dying to know . I know they exchanged blood. But did they have sex? hmmm I dont know?? Cant wait for the successivo book!! and for season 2
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posted più di un anno fa 
Roxxi_luv_Vamps said:
I seriously was just thinking about this last night...
As much as i want to believe that they did something più than just exchange blood, i have doubts. And then i asked my self, Why would that Shinichi guy take the memory away from Damon? Doesn't he already have a memory of Damon and Elena exchanging blood.
Damon figured out Elena was a virgin... so did Shinichi take the memory because it was " maidens first night of discovery"? That is one of the things that those volpe people like...

So basically :) im as stumped as everybody else
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posted più di un anno fa 
me 2! plus it had to be something big enough 4 her to write 3 pages of that in her diary and want to tell meredith and bonnie!! and was nervous the successivo morning when seeing him again...soo....xoxo
merzycullen posted più di un anno fa
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