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 Something’s changed between Damon and me…
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 Credits go to Bibi88
Credits go to Bibi88
S3 finale yesterday and the "choice" was made.Elena choose Stefan.I see that a majority of our fandom says that it is quitting and that Stefan got another free pass.Allthough I am mad at Stefan(for other reasons)I think that her choosing him is not such a disaster.

First of all,she actually detto that he saved her,she met him first etc...As much as she tries to deny it,THAT is why she is with him.As much as she says "No,it is because I Amore him,bla,blah,blah" the truth lies somewhere else. "He helped me live again".When she felt dead,Stefan was there to help her.So she owes him.There is no denying...
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This articolo is to every SE fan who says that Damon “stole” Elena from Stefan, this articolo will prove te wrong so prepare to face reality forthe first time TVD wise.

“I thought I can WIN her from te FAIR and SQUARE, she didn’t want me, it’s for the best, I’m better off being the bad guy anyway”-Damon 3X15 about Elena. Like Damon detto to Stefan he thought he can WIN not STEAL Elena from him, he though without playing games on Elena, to try to get her to like/love him più without acting/pretending like a “goody good boy” (like Stefan did) that he can WIN her over da just...
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A/N ciao guys i want to thankyou so much for the review and everything thanks as a traet here is the 2nd chapter
Disclaimer: i do not own the vampire diaries o l.j smith.

New York City

"ELENA! were here in New York!!!! AAAH IM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED!!! Caroline jumped up in excitement.

"i know caroline we are here i can see,anyway we should get a cab before we start screaming", elena affirmed.

They grabbed the cab and made their way to the upper east side of New York, where people there were stuck-up and posh, but it was worth it, she would live in a sophisticated enviroment and go to università and...
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Some people might not believe me when I say this, but I'm going to say it anyway.
Elena loves Damon. She does. I thought she did in 2x22, but I feel più sure now. Just don't expect her to admit it for a while yet.
It's not so much what she says in 3x12, as what she DOESN'T say. I know that's a bit weird, but orso with me.
The first half of Season 3 was about the evolution of DE's relationship, the closeness between them that developed and grew. The intimacy they shared (like Elena getting into letto and falling asleep successivo to Damon), the sparks that flew (think of 3x06, the training room scene),...
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I felt like I'd stepped into an alternate universe when I read some commenti on the SE car scene on YouTube. Although some people did mention how badly Stefan had treated Elena, most of them commentato on how much he still loved her, why the mostra was all about them because they were together 'from giorno one', commiserated with Stefan and declared how much they loved him; and why he loved Elena più than Damon because he let her go and saved his brother. But here's what I think.
What we saw in 3x11 marked a humungous change in Stelena's relationship. It changed everthing. Maybe Stelena fan won't...
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