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la scelta dei fan: A new banner
Ends in un giorno fa
la scelta dei fan: A new icona
Ends in un giorno fa
la scelta dei fan: giorno 2 -Howler Con in New Jersey
la scelta dei fan: No they dont be long togetthere
No they dont be long...
Yes heck yeah
la scelta dei fan: Teen lupo
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Shortstuffdiva detto …
ciao omg i am a big no i'm a hugh fan your the reason i watch teen lupo i Amore te your adorable honestly your very talented postato più di un anno fa
kara-shay detto …
just came back from vacation postato più di un anno fa
Taybearamazing detto …
Hi Daniel I think . You’re very talented. I am fourteen years old – that’s old enough to marry te right. No, I’m just kidding. I don’t want to sound like those lovesick cucciolo fan but I must say you’re very cute and adorable. Your best features are your smile and your pretty blue eyes. Also, your physique but te already know that and hear a lot about I’m sure. postato più di un anno fa