Heyyyyy, s'up I thought I'd do a fanpop review for David Bowie's new Musica video and single Blackstar. I personally am a huge Bowie fan, I've loved David Bowie since I was thirteen and I always will. However I will be truthful, when I first saw the teaser trailer for Blackstar, I was a bit anxious. I thought it would be very creepy, impossible to Amore the song and I thought it would ruin Bowie for me forever........NEVER HAVE I BEEN SO WRONG! I feel so horrible for even thinking that. It was the best thing I have ever seen. Ten minuti was not enough.

The video seems to take place in some fantasy desert city place which is reminiscent of the movie Labyrinth where David Bowie plays Jareth the goblin king who is the ruler (if te haven't seen Labyrinth check that out too!). I loved the scenery, the imagery and the fact that he gave a nod to labyrinth with the scenery and location.

The choreography was magnificent apart from the odd shaking from some of the dancers. But then again I personally would rather watch someone shake like that than twerk.

David Bowie himself looked radiant as ever. I was at first a bit dismayed at the fact that he let his hair go gray and cut his hair shorter. But after seeing a few più pics with his new look, I think it looks great on him. Kudos to him for going gray and looking fabulous while doing that. I liked the concept of the video. It was modern giorno Bowie but at the same hints of older bowie thrown in there as well. Very good.

That being detto I give the Musica video a 5/5. Bowie was aesthetically visually pleasing to look at as well as the video and I feel like this is definitely deserving of a grammy.

Now for the audio:

I just preordered the whole blackstar album, being the huge Bowie fangirl I am. The song even without the Musica video is great. I Amore the kind of dark, jazzy direction David Bowie is going into. Bowie's voice also sounds stronger than ever for somebody his age. As for the time length I was a bit wary at first at it being a ten minuto long song, because some songs that are più than five o six minuti can end up sounding monotonous. But Bowie managed to pull that off well with a couple of chord changes, unique lyrics, tempo changes etc.

I give the audio a 5/5 too. I think this looks to be one of David Bowie's greatest later albums. A step up from The successivo Day. I can't wait for the rest of the album! Until then......

te can find the video and single here: