David Bowie Greetings All!

ladysusx posted on Aug 22, 2012 at 07:54PM
hi, i'm newbie to fanpop!;p but i like it so far and i would like to say a few things about me also share what i love about david bowie and my favorite things about him:

bowie's obviously beautiful and talented. i recently started both adoring and admiring him. what sparked my interest was his eyes, which i think attracks us all in the beginning. :)

bowie's an actor and a relaxed one although we know he was paranoid which is another reason why i like him. ;p we share the same feel. and i love acting, by the way. :)

bowie's got style and a talent at making people want to be him. you know. he's glamorous. ;)

i think the book starman is very entertaining and loaded with info of bowie's life which i highly appreciate, of course.

oh i could ramble on forever but i really should stop at that. :)


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