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Dear Diary,
It is 2 weeks since me and L are a couple. We were only together in his home not that I didnt like it to be with him, its just I wanted to go on a data with him.
"L ?"
"Mmmm...yes ?" He detto when he was eating cake.
"Could we go on a data ?"
He started to choke, "What ? Why ?"
"Becuse we are always here in the house and we never gone out, only us alone ."
He get up and came closer to me, "Should that mean that te don like to be with me ?"
"No its just...."
Before I could say something (BTW I didnt know what to say so) he kissed me (he do that very often)
"See te dont need to out with me...
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Okay, This is my Death Note story, Its gonna be a chapter thing, I've written the successivo chapter and I'll put it up soon.
I hope everyone likes it.
comment it and tell me what te think.


“Liiiiiiiight!” Misa moaned “I don’t wanna go to attraversare, croce Academy... I hear the people there are weirdos...” she detto unhappily. “Yes I know te don’t wanna go Misa, but it’s only gonna be until I’m finished with this case, and I bet you’d Amore it there, I herd there’s a lot of cute looking guys in the night and giorno class.” Light detto as he paced in front of misa. Misa fell back into...
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