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 Aborted fetus
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A collage of a aborted fetus's. I am not sure how many are real, but i think most are. più info in commenti
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This dibattito foto might contain abattoir, butchery, shambles, and slaughterhouse.

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How Does An Actor Handle Unwanted Advances In Hollywood? da Robin Riker via FilmCourage.com.
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Several of te already know that I am in the process of earning a masters degree in elementary education. As part of this process, I have to take courses in social justice and differentiated instruction. In these courses, I've learned about people's "frames of references."

It's a phrase I've heard before, and maybe one te know as well. I used to think it meant "point of view." And it does, più o less, mean that. But it's più than that. It's not just someone's point of view o perspective. It's how they came to that perspective. What experiences they've had in live that's brought them to...
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Megan Phelps-Roper shares her personal journey out of the WBC and "some sharp ways we can learn to successfully engage across ideological lines." [Credit: TED on YouTube].
megan phelps-roper
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So being as math is the bane of my existence right now and I've finally snapped and nothing is left of my motivation in regards to math but a manifestation of pure rage and anger I am going to rant più about how much I hate math. I have grown to hate it so much that I am now putting effort and energy into my hatred of it. So I will now continue my venting and raging about why students shouldn't have to suffer like so.That detto parts of this are going to be taken from my commento over on my 'is math necessary' poll.

So being as amaro about math as I've grown to be, I've done quite a bit of research...
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